Chrome Cantle Classic Band Sporran-sold 5/23


Chrome Cantle Classic Band Sporran-sold 5/23


  • Chrome Cantle Leather Band Sporran made from good-quality black leather for simple elegance
  • Convenient top-opening design with easy snap closure for ease of use
  • Beautiful design featuring chrome beading adds rugged style
  • Suit yourself by choosing between chain strap or suspender (Comes with up to 46″ waist chain strap)
  • (See our Premium Chain Strap for a nice upgrade option)

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Chrome Cantle Classic Band Sporran

Popular with several of our pipe band sporran customers. You’ll love the addition this elegant, classy, and timeless Celtic sporran makes to your wardrobe! With its beautiful grìogagan (Scottish Gaelic for beads) featured prominently on the front side, you’ll be sure to wow everyone when you sport this impressive piece!

This authentic sporran has been designed to be both fashionable and functional. You can add it to any outfit and look great at any occasion, whether on-the-go to hold your phone, wallet, or keys, or to wear to traditional events such as the Highland Games.

Don’t forget to customize your new sporran with either a strap or a suspender! (See our Premium Chain Strap for a nice upgrade option)

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 10.125 × 7.125 × 5 in


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