Cornish Pewter Triquetra Penannular Brooch

Cornish Pewter Triquetra Penannular Brooch

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  • The classic Celtic penannular brooch is made in Cornwall from Cornish pewter for true Celtic authenticity
  • Each brooch is hand-forged, creating a unique look that’s just for you
  • This piece secures fly plaids, ancient kilt aprons, great kilt fabric, and sashes
  • This simple, functional, and affordable brooch makes an excellent gift

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    • Scottish Tartan Drawstring Jewelry Bag.

      Tartan Jewelry Gift Bag

      • Customizable tartan jewelry gift bag
      • Measures approximately 4inches wide by 5.5 inches long 
      • Pull string closure to keep your treasures safe
      • Bring tartan culture to everyday used
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If you’re looking for a new penannular brooch, this is the one for you! The penannular brooch, or “Celtic brooch,” is often used for fastening fly plaids, aprons of ancient kilts, and other clothing. This is a versatile, hearty, and durable piece that will stand you in good stead at your next event or Celtic festival. You’re sure to make a statement wherever you go with this hand-crafted brooch made by St. Justin in a traditional Celtic design. Measuring approximately 2.25 inches in diameter, you’ll be impressed with how well-designed this brooch is, just like our many other happy customers!

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3 reviews for Cornish Pewter Triquetra Penannular Brooch

  1. Merritt N. (verified owner)

    Very solid and stylish for your period-accurate cloaks, capes and other outerwear, whether it’s Renaissance, SCA or LARP. It’s a heavier piece, so not for use in fine weave materials, but your woolen cloaks are going to stay in place when wearing this pin.

  2. Jerry W

    This brooch was much more impressive in real life than the picture in the catalog and that had been enough to sell me on the product.

  3. Sarah B

    Very nice workmanship. An attractive brooch and excellent historical replica.

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