Horseshoe Leather Pouch


Horseshoe Leather Pouch


  • Horseshoe Leather Pouch is a compact, horseshoe-shaped mixed leather pouch. It’s 6 inches deep and 5.25 inches across.
  • Soft, flexible black leather body provides greater carrying capacity. Hard, protective brown leather casing protects against bumps, scrapes, and drops. 
  • Black leather drawstring closure offers easy access. Secure the straps to your belt for convenient, hands-free carrying.
  • Pairs well with any Celtic outfit. Fasten to your gear to contain coins, small tools, or even flints and steels.

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This horseshoe-shaped, compact mixed leather pouch is the accessory that strikes the perfect balance between unique and practical! Crafted with both soft and hard leathers, this pouch provides enough flexibility for maximum carrying capacity while the hard leather casing offers protection against bumps, scrapes, and the occasional drop (we’ve all been there!). Secured with a black leather drawstring closure, these long strings of quality leather give you ample space to tie this elegant accessory to whatever belt you’re wearing.

Our ancestors used leather pouches to carry around their essential tools and coins. Honor our shared Celtic heritage with this unique and practical accessory!

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