Summer Solstice

The Solstice is on the horizon this week, marking the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere!

To many, the day marks the beginning of cookouts, sports, and other “fun-in-the-sun” activities, though it has a deep cultural background attached to it.

Pagan religions of Europe also called this time “midsummer” or “Litha.” They marked the date in many ways, but most commonly known is with standing stones.

To celebrate, over 30,000 people will visit standing stones like Stonehenge in the UK, and the Callanish Stones in Scotland this week.  Celebrations often centered on themes of growth, fertility, feasting, and merrymaking. It was told that if you were very lucky, you might even sight one of the faerie folk (or become the subject of their tricks!).

It also marks the decline in number of hours of daylight in the northern hemisphere, so be sure to soak up as much sun as possible!

Celebrate the tradition by having modern “feast” with some friends, or suit up in your utility kilt and search for the faerie folk at a National Park.

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