Poly/Viscose Finely-Woven Premium Wool-Free Tartan

Whether you are allergic to wool, or just want a great looking tartan for less than premium wool, our premium wool-free blend is a great way to go! Poly/Viscose fabric is a 65/35 blend of polyester and viscose. Both are also made into clothing on their own, but are very different to wear and care for. Blending polyester with viscose gives the best of both worlds, very affordably. Poly/viscose is best described as a semi-natural or semi-synthetic fiber. Polyester means poly/viscose is much easier to care for, as it’s machine washable and can be tumble-dried.

The swatch images below are as accurate as we can make them. HOWEVER, every monitor is different — what we see on our computer screen is going to be a little different than what you see on yours. ALSO, an image is a poor substitute for an actual piece of fabric. If you need to know exactly what a tartan look like before placing an order, please request an actual tartan fabric swatch.