Tartan Trews: How Do I Wear Them?

Question: how do you put on your tartan trews?

Answer: one pant leg at a time!

What the heck are trews or trousers? The simplest explanation: full-length tartan pants. Celtic Croft carries many styles custom-made in Scotland. Add some Celtic flair to your golf game, celebration, special event, and life!

Tartan Trews Versus Tartan Trousers

Are trews and trousers interchangeable, or is there a difference? The distinguishing factor is the waistband and back.

Tartan trews feature a high-waisted, wide waistband and a fishtail back. Tartan trews sit higher on the waist than a standard pair of pants. 

The waistband on Tartan trousers is straight and more narrow than trews and rests slightly higher than regular pants. 

Tartan trews are the more traditional of the two.

Dress Up or Dress Down?

Tartan Trews 13oz from The Celtic Croft

Both tartan trews and trousers are appropriate for casual or formal occasions. What you pair your trews with on top is key to the overall look.

Wearing your trews or trousers with a sweater or shirt is perfect for a round of golf. Pick out a tweed jacket or jacket and vest combo to dress your look, but still keep casual. Think of a gathering or party with family or friends.

Our array of Prince Charlie Jackets and vests take your tartan trews and trousers up to a formal level. The Prince Charlie Jacket, generally worn with tartan trews, gives you the authentic Celtic look for weddings, formal dinners, etc. The Black Tie affairs. 

In the Army Now


A subset of tartan trews and trousers is the military-style. The Military tartan trews also feature a fishtail back, capable of secure braces in place. 

These trousers are constructed similarly to how they would have been traditionally made in the army. The main difference is military tartan trews have no side seam. The inseam is done in a not-so-visible way. The careful construction of military trews to military standards lends to a formal attire occasion. 

Celtic Croft – the Place for Your Tartan Trews or Trousers

Tartan Trews and trousers folded on a white background from The Celtic Croft.

Why buy from Celtic Croft? Our tartan trews and trousers are each custom made to your specifications. First, use our Tartan Finder to choose your family tartan or one with meaning to you. Next, fill out our easy-to-use form:

Waist Size (Inches)

Hip Size (Inches)


Inside Leg (inches)

Outside Leg (inches)



All of our tartan trews and trousers are made in Scotland from 100% wool. We have a lightweight (11 ounces) or medium weight (13 ounces) option.

Donald, Where’s Your Trousers?

Tartan trews and tartan trousers are a mark of a true Scot. 

There is even a song dedicated to the subject. Check out The Irish Rivers version here. This song was even featured in this season of The Amazing Race. A Couple of teams crushed it; the one in the video had a bit more trouble!

Celtic Pride

Tartan fabric posed in a twirl

Time and again, we talk about Celtic authenticity and traditions, the cornerstone (or perhaps cobblestone) of our business. When you invest in one of our clothing pieces, you get so much more than a pair of pants or a kilt. You get a hundred years of history and stories to pass on to future generations!

Donald, I know where you find your trousers!

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