The Ultimate Guide to Outlander

Raise your hand if you have been caught up in Outlander-mania? Trust us, our hands are up here. It’s hard not to fall in love with the characters and get swept away in their many adventures as they unfold throughout the world.

Luckily for those of us who have been following the Fraser’s, the new season of Outlander starts February 16th.

If you haven’t watched Outlander, no worries! You have plenty of time to catch up before season 5 airs on Starz. For a quick recap of the show, along with a few reasons you need to watch Outlander, keep reading.

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Jamie Fraser from Outlander

Why Watch Outlander?

Do you like history? Do you ever wish you could travel through time and see what life was like during a different period? Do you love drama, action, love, anger, and everything in between? Are you captivated by beautiful and diverse landscapes?

If you answered yes to these, then Outlander is the perfect show. It is an incredibly well-made, beautifully shot, and perfectly cast series on Starz.

People love following the adventures of Jamie and Claire Fraser. Jamie is a brave and handsome 18th century Highlander while Claire is a beautiful nurse from WWII who is transported to the 1740s and falls in love with Jamie.

There is love and heartache along the way. You root for some of the characters and are against others. Outlander will have you anxiously waiting for the next episode every week.

Claire Fraser from Outlander

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Claire and Jamie Fraser from Outlander

So What Have You Been Missing?

Warning, spoilers ahead! Do NOT keep reading if you don’t want to know what happens in Outlander Seasons 1-4.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Season 1

Season 1 kicks off with Claire Randall and her husband traveling through the Scottish Highlands just after WWII ends. Claire is accidentally transported back to 1743 through enchanted rocks at Craigh Na Dune.

In the 18th century, Claire falls in quickly with a rebel group of Highlanders running from the English Redcoats, namely Captain Jack Randall, the ancestor of Claire’s 20th-century husband, Frank.

The MacKenzie Clan, afraid that Claire is a spy, holds her as a healer. This keeps her from returning to her own time. Due to complications and for her own safety, Claire was forced to marry Jamie Fraser. They grow to love each other throughout the rest of the season.

Because Claire knows the future, she attempts to dissuade her new family from taking part in the Jacobite rebellion, in particular, Culloden. Jamie is captured and tortured by Jack Randall, but ultimately saved by his Clan and Claire.

The season ends with Claire pregnant and her and Jamie heading to France.

Season 2

In Paris, Claire and Jamie actively fight against the Jacobite rebellion by secretly subverting it. When Jack Randall shows up, Jamie is out for revenge. Claire makes Jamie wait until Jack can have an heir, so her husband can be born.

Jamie and Claire lose their baby and return to Scotland, where Jamie starts fighting for the Jacobite rebellion. Before Culloden, however, Jamie convinces a pregnant Claire that she must return to her own time for the safety of their child.

Back in the 1940s, Claire tells Frank everything. Frank wants Claire to forget about Jamie and for them to raise this baby together.

Claire and her 20-year-old daughter travel to Scotland and find out Jamie never died at the Battle of Culloden.

Season 3

Season 3 details the lives of Claire and Jamie in their 20-year separation.

We find out Jamie killed Jack Randall at Culloden, but he is severely injured. He is saved after Culloden but is in hiding for years as a wanted Jacobite rebel. He ultimately turns himself in and is jailed for years. Finally, he is sent to a wealthy family to work off the rest of his sentence. He fathers an illegitimate child, then returns to Scotland and becomes a printer.

In 1948, we see Claire and Frank moving to America. Claire ends up going to medical school. She and Frank are not happy and end up only staying together for Brianna, the daughter of Claire and Jamie. Frank dies in a car accident, then Brianna and Claire travel to Scotland.

Claire returns to Scotland to find Jamie. He had married a widow and needed money for her so he could return to Claire. In an attempt to get a hidden family treasure, Jamie’s nephew is kidnapped by Pirates.

Claire and Jamie follow young Ian and rescue him in Jamaica. Later on their return, their ship is wrecked off the coast of America.

Season 4

Season 4 brings us Claire and Jamie still in America and trying to get home to Scotland. They visit Jamie’s aunt, who owns a wealthy plantation with slaves. Even though his aunt wishes to leave her estate to Jamie, he and Claire can’t accept, as they are not OK with slaves.

Instead, Jamie makes an agreement with the local governor and claims land which they call Fraser’s Ridge. There is tension with the local Cherokee, but they come to an agreement.

Meanwhile, Brianna, Jamie and Claire’s daughter in the 20th century, finds out her parents will die in a fire and goes back in time to try to save them. Roger, a friend from Scotland, follows. They eventually meet in North Carolina, are handfast, fight, then Roger leaves. In his attempt to return to Brianna, he is forced back onto the boat he was working on, and Brianna thinks he left.

Brianna is raped and conceives a child before finding her parents. Roger tries to find Brianna at Fraser’s Ridge. But, he is mistaken for the man who raped her and then sold to the Mohawk as a slave. The Mohawk make him walk to New York. 

Finally, the mistake is realized, and Jamie, Claire, and young Ian take off north to find Roger. Young Ian trades himself for Roger, so Jamie and Claire can return him to Brianna.

The season ends with Claire and Jamie returning to Brianna at Jamie’s aunt’s plantation, and Roger following behind to reunite with Brianna. They decide to raise the baby together.

Season 5

We will see on February 16th!

Claire Fraser from Outlander

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