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While the tartan is famous in Scottish clothing, other tweed designs should not be overlooked in the conversation. Tweed has a cool history, is versatile, durable, and lasts well, forever. 

What is Tweed?

traditional weaving loom and shuttle for Tweed weaving

Tweed came about in the 1700s. The heavier cloth effectively combatted the colder Scottish days. Originally made of virgin wool, its diagonal pattern evolved to be synonymous with refinement in England and Scotland.

“Tweel” was the original Scottish name for tweed. According to lore, an English weaver was unfamiliar with the term “tweel,” and due to his error, the name tweed was born.

Unlike tartan, tweed is not a pattern but is a distinct fabric. Tweed is tweed if it is made of a natural material and is coarse in texture. Additionally, tweed has many colors of fiber mixed into the yarns before weaving. 

Traditionally, tweed was hand-woven on a loom. Today, the creation of tweed fabric is mostly mechanized, however. Tweed can be a plain weave, twill weave, herringbone, and other complex weaves. Tartan is usually a twill weave and will occasionally be found with a plain weave

Known for its durability, tweed will keep you dry and warm even on a dreich (damp and dark) Scottish day.

Through this evolution, tweed has become a highlight of fashion in all circles, sharing a reputation with the upper class. But you don’t have to be a professor or out on the hunt to wear a tweed design. 

Tweed is versatile enough to be worn for just about anything! Take a look at our collection of tweed apparel here.

Why is Tweed so Versatile?

Tweed Jacket and Vest set

Tweed provides excellent protection from a variety of weather. It is long-lasting, so a wise investment to be sure. It’s common to find tweed in earthy tones that flatter anyone, with multiple patterns to please almost any taste.

Tweed is suitable for a wide variety of clothing types, from hats to suits to even shoes. This makes it incredibly versatile and easily worn. 

Let’s look at a few available tweed designs and what clothing types they match up with. You have lots of options. Pick the perfect outfit according to the occasion!

Start From the Top

Harris Twee Patchwork Caps from The Celtic Croft

There are hats throughout history that are iconic and unforgettable. Indiana Jones gave the fedora a new look in his adventures. No one can ignore any of the fabulous hats in the derby scene in My Fair Lady.  

One piece of headwear stands out above the rest when one thinks of cool hats: Sherlock Holmes’ deerstalker. This iconic hunting piece brings into sharp focus what tweed has become famous for. The design can commonly be found as a plaid, especially a gun club pattern, or a houndstooth.

Want something a little more common for regular wear? The authentic Harris Tweed patchwork cap works beautifully for everyday activities. Your golfing buddies will be clamoring to find out where you got yours, and you can direct them here!

Suit Up

A tweed jacket by the Celtic Croft

A smoking pipe. Elbow patches. Dignified presence. All trademarks of a Yale professor, except for one thing – the tweed blazer. 

This distinctive piece of clothing isn’t common today, but this wonderful fabric is still a staple in cool suit pieces. The blazer still holds allure for those looking for a dignified look, especially with a plain tweed design. 

Add some sophistication to a special occasion with a lovely vest in tweed with a herringbone or striped pattern. A vest with no jacket, just a gorgeous pair of slacks, keeps your look informal and comfortable, yet on-point. Please take a look at the warm fabric with cool patterns we offer here.

Of course, what could be more excellent than the perfect pairing of tweed jacket and vest, together in harmony? Lucky for you, we offer the pair to show off at any formal occasion you may require here

Give It a Twirl

Rob Roy tweed swatch from the Celtic Croft

Women’s blazers and jackets in tweed are, of course, synonymous with vintage and timeless Chanel. Like men’s blazers, the women’s tweed blazer looks terrific in a houndstooth or plain weave. A blazer can dress up a pair of slacks or even jeans. 

Women looking to bring comfortable warmth to an outfit should take a look at tweed skirts. You’ll look sophisticated in a pleated tweed skirt in a traditional plaid. Pair it with a light top to give some contrast to your outfit.

Superheroes are not the only ones who can rock a cape. That is great news since these fantastic jacket alternatives are making their way back into popularity. 

Not only will it keep you warm, but a cape also offers freedom of movement. Your outfit will be turned up a notch with a cloak in one of a variety of tweed designs.

If It’s Not Tartan, It’s Tweed

Tweed blazer by the Celtic Croft

When considering getting your next kilt, something for those colder winter days, why not consider a tweed kilt? Second only to the tartan, a kilt made from tweed keeps the wearer warm.  A beautiful kilt gives a great contemporary look to your favorite piece of clothing. 

A plaid would be perfect for this type of piece, of course. A plain tweed design would give your kilt a modern look and is highly recommended. Maybe it would look even better with that blazer

Don’t Forget to Accessorize

 Braveheart tweed tartan sash

Perhaps you are looking to compliment an outfit for a special daytime event, charity function, or important business meeting. A tweed handbag or wallet would level up your sophistication factor to the extreme. If a trip is in your future, a tweed set of matched luggage may also make you feel royal. 

Don’t want a cape? A stole or wrap in tweed can lend a lovely look to a piece that will keep you toasty warm. Take a look at our stunning tartan stoles.  A beautiful plaid pattern can add contrast to the perfect outfit, accessorizing the look in a lovely way. 

Why Stop at What You Can Wear?

Braveheart tartan tweed fabric

Do you love the look, feel, and warmth of a beautiful tweed? Some fans of tweed designs include it in their interior design to add an upper-class touch to their home. 

A good tweed can help insulate your home as window coverings, keeping in that fire’s warmth. Resting your feet on an ottoman adorned in a lovely tweed can feel like a dream. Add your personality to your home with almost limitless tweed design options.

Tweed For All

traditional weaving loom and shuttle for Tweed weaving

The flexibility and warmth of tweed make it an incredibly versatile fabric. Striking patterns and a wealth of colors add sophistication and old-world charm to all of your looks. We offer many products to “suit” your love of tweed here!

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