Your Guide to Outlander Merchandise

If you’re anything like us, chances are you’ve been dying to bring a little Outlander style to your everyday life. And why not? Being instantly transported back to the 1700s may be tricky to manage in physical terms, but we can help you bring a little Scottish magic to your 21st-century existence.

We are an official distributor of all things Outlander, and that means you can rest assured that you are spending your hard-earned cash on top quality and authentic products, no pulling the premium wool over your eyes here! 

If you haven’t succumbed to Outlander mania or want a refresher, you can get season 1, volume 1 here.

Having been in business since 1995, and coming from a strong Celtic background, we consider ourselves something of experts on this topic. We are committed to helping you enjoy a genuine, immersive experience with every purchase. Check out The Celtic Croft for a vast array of authentic Celtic items.

Disclaimer: time travel is NOT a guarantee, but you never know what might happen…

Outlander wrap

What Do We Offer?

Money where our mouth is time: just what do we have on offer in the Outlander range?

The short answer: whatever you need!

Our extensive merchandise range includes:

We finish all of our products to the highest standards, and we pride ourselves on our ability to make you smile.

Outlander Tartan

Outlander Tartans

If you have been watching the series, you have definitely heard a few names. Likely, you have noticed that different families have their designs. Who remembers the (spoiler alert) wedding episode where Jamie needed his family tartan to be married correctly?

We have all of the family tartans. Whether you want Clan MacKenzie or Clan Fraser, we have you covered. You can even choose different materials for each clan.

Jamie Fraser from Outlander

Outlander Kilts

We have a variety of kilts, each made from officially licensed Outlander Tartans.

  • Our ancient kilt is the perfect starting place. This custom made kilt will fit you exquisitely, and you will love showing it off.
  • The phillabeg kilt is another fantastic option. This wool version is exceptionally high-quality.
  • This great kilt made from premium wool Tartan is the best you will find. People might mistake you for a Highlander if you’re not careful.

Outlander tartan skirt

Outlander Skirts

Let’s not forget about the ladies! Fans of the show probably enjoy checking out what Claire is wearing day in and out. If you want to feel like a true lady of the Highlands, choose one of our authentic skirts.

If you want to go all-in, you can’t go wrong with the gathered skirt made from premium wool. This full skirt is handmade in the United States with wool woven in Scotland. It is made to fit your measurements, so there is no doubt it will fit perfectly.

The Billie-style mini skirt is a fantastic everyday option. If you don’t want to walk around fully bustled, this skirt comes in wool or poly/viscose. You will feel Scottish any day you are wearing this skirt.

Outlander Accessories to Wear

Claire from Outlander

Outlander Earasaids

If you want to complete the ensemble, or you want to be prepared for colder temperatures, choose one of our Outlander earasaids. Made from wool or poly/viscose, you can select which clan you want to represent.

Colum from Outlander

Outlander Plaids

If you love Colum MacKenzie, Dougal MacKenzie, or Jamie Fraser and want a plaid to show your support, you can choose one from any of these characters. You can choose wool or poly/viscose, depending on your budget and preferences.

Outlander Hats and Ties

If you are looking for ways to sport Outlander every day and aren’t quite sure you want to wear a kilt to work, you can choose any of these ties or bow ties. We also have many different hats from which to choose. This Scots bonnet is stylish and comfortable. Take this golf hat on your next golf outing.

Outlander Accessories for the Home

Outlander blanket and pillow

Outlander Blankets and Pillows

Maybe you love Outlander but aren’t quite ready to display that love to the outside world. In that case, decorate your home with Outlander themed items.

This blanket is perfect for curling up under while watching Jamie and Claire traipse through the Highlands. Get real comfortable when you add in a pillow or two.

Outlander Bags

If you need something to carry all of your Outlander gear, we have a bag for that! If you want a messenger bag, check out this everyday option. The material is durable, and you can’t beat the design.

This larger tote bag is perfect for carrying a few more things, like a computer or extra clothes, maybe an Outlander sash or a history book about the clan you hail from.

Outlander tote bag

Fuel Your Outlander Love

Whether you want Outlander gear to show your love of Jamie, Claire, and the rest of the MacKenzie clan to the whole world, or you want to bring some Outlander into your home, you will find what you are looking for here. 

If you haven’t experienced Outlander yet, it is never too late to start. You can catch the show on any streaming device with a subscription to Starz. Trust us, don’t start the show until you have time to binge watch as you will have a hard time turning it off! Many good people have lost hours glued to their screen to see how Jaime and Claire get through their current struggle.

At The Celtic Croft, we have what you need to connect to Outlander. You can also reconnect with your Scottish or Irish heritage. We have all things Celtic and pride ourselves on bringing our customers high-quality items that are made to last.


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