5 Reasons Kilts Make a Great Christmas Gift


Have any good Christmas gift ideas for this year?

As my mother always advised us, gifts should have a use, be an experience, or be consumable. Giving the gift of a kilt for Christmas checks two of those three boxes. Celtic Croft has a full selection of kilts for all ages, tastes, and needs.

Kilts are not only thoughtful presents but also utilitarian presents. Kilts, worn to Celtic events, formal affairs such as weddings, or in everyday life. And every time the person slips into their kilt, they will remember who gave it to them. 

There is much to consider in kilt buying. For a more in-depth look, check out our blog post How to Choose The Best Kilt Fabric For You.

Many kilts from the Celtic Croft


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1. Kilts Can Be Given to Anybody on Your Holiday List

Some years ago, I was at an Irish Fair. A friend of a friend (who I never met) said he wanted to buy a kilt. 

He asked, did I know where he could find one? 

I took him to the market tents and helped him pick out a kilt. He opted for a canvas kilt.

And from there, a great friendship grew. Having not known much about the biker, I still could help. I knew he needed something casual and durable.

And that is what he got. He wore the kilt out of the tent and home on his motorcycle. 

If a non-Celtic, motorcycle club, larger-than-life man loves a kilt, who wouldn’t? He was downright giddy with his purchase and appreciative of my help and knowledge in choosing the kilt.

Make your holiday shopping a breeze this year. Surprise mom and dad or anyone else on your gift list.

Saltire Antiqued Kilt Belt Buckle

2. Kilts, as Gifts, Show You Care

Gift-giving can be tricky, but what will never fail you is to give a gift with meaning. The history of a kilt is fascinating. It started as the traditional garb of the Highlanders, with the tartan representing and identifying their clan.

According to the Met Museum and Scotland.com, the kilt then became politicalized with the Diskilting Act. To wear a kilt, you had to join the British army. 

One of the reasons the kilt stood the test of time was its versatility. Kilts protected Highlanders from the sometimes harsh weather elements while allowing freedom of movement. The colors often were dyes derived from local vegetation and could even serve as a blanket or bedding when not pleated.

Throughout the years, kilts came back into fashion. In the 1840s, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert bought Balmoral Castle in Scotland. They decorated the castle in the traditional Scottish style with tartans. The royal couple often were seen in kilts and Scottish formal wear. 

Today, the most common reason to wear a kilt goes back to the beginning of kilt history, showing your family pride. Giving the gift of a kilt shows thoughtfulness and will have personal meaning to the lucky recipient. 

Two little girls wearing kilts they received as Christmas gifts

3. The Kilt Connection

The family that kilts together, stays together! From the wee ones to the elders, kilts show not only heritage but family unity. Imagine the whole clan showing up at a Celtic festival or fair, coordinating outfits, all in the family tartan. This fashion statement leaves no doubt about your pride and your family connection. 

In the electronic world of today, it is refreshing to step back in time. Kids will not remember getting a high score on a video game. But they will remember the family traditions that they can pass down throughout future generations. 

Kilts and Celtic gifts make lovely gifts for kids. Opening a piece of family history is Christmas morning as it should be!

Celtic Croft is the place for your holiday shopping!

A gentleman wearing an Outlander Kilt from The Celtic Croft

4. Kilts in Modern Youth Culture

While the kilt history is long, many members of the current generation think of kilts as cool and edgy. Gifting one to a teen or young adult will make you the favorite aunt, uncle, hip parent, or fashionable friend. And this is the perfect time to slide in some history lessons. Explain your choice of tartan or fabric and the role kilts have played in Celtic culture.

With the popularity of the TV Show Outlander and before that Braveheart, kilts came to the forefront. Besides cultural awareness, kilts represent freedom and individualism to the youth. 

In recent generations, the youth of Scotland started wearing kilts with t-shirts, leather or jean jackets, and chunky boots. Soon the punk trend spread worldwide. 

Law Enforcement Highland Accessories

5. The Gift that Keeps on Giving

You should feel proud of yourself! You found the perfect Christmas gift for your friend or family member, and they loved it. Now what to do for the next holiday gift? There are many accessories and accouterments to accompany a kilt. 

The most common pieces to add to a kilt are 

Let our staff help you achieve the complete Celtic look as your continuing gift.

And do not forget all the other Celtic items, such as:

Do you have a bride or groom on your gift list? We have your Celtic wedding needs covered!

Cherished Christmas Gifts

A woman wrapping Christmas gifts for her family that she purchased at the Celtic Croft online

There are many reasons to give a kilt at Christmas. The bottom line is history, traditions, heritage, and ultimately, joy.

There is much to consider when choosing a kilt, and our staff is ready to walk you through the process! And if you are still unsure, a Celtic Croft gift certificate will work just as well! Your loved one will be able to choose their own size, tartan, and kilt accessories when you gift them a kilt gift certificate or an e-kilt certificate from the Celtic Croft.

Claiming one’s heritage secures one future. Give a gift that lasts a lifetime and helps make memories! 

And my mother would be so proud of your gift choice.


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