How to Choose the Best Kilt Fabric for You


You have decided to make the ultimate Celtic plunge and order a proper kilt. And, soon you discover there are many things to consider, such as the style, fabric, tartan, and weight.  

No worries, we here at the Celtic Croft can help you through every step. Come into our store or chat with one of our online experts to fine-tune your kilt fabric choice.

A Style for Every Occasion

Saltire Antiqued Kilt Belt Buckle

The first question to consider is when and where will I wear my kilt? There are three main occasions for kilt wearing: 

  • authentic reenactments 
  • formal affairs (wedding, dinners, etc.) 
  • every day or Highland game wear

You’ll find more details in our blog post Everything You Need to Know to Choose the Perfect Kilt For You!

Dress to Inspire

Outlander Tartan Phillabeg

Many kilts are worn in the same manner as the days of yore. The Great Kilt, the Ancient Kilt, and the Phillabeg or Little Kilt are excellent examples. 

They all have to be hand pleated with each wear (unless you opt for Cheater Pleats™), then fastened by a belt. Both the Great Kilt and the Ancient Kilt come with extra fabric that is to be used as a sash.

These are the types of kilts you will see in authentic reenactments, renaissance fairs, and movies. 

Dress to Impress

Have a formal Celtic celebration in the books? Dazzle your family and friends with a dress kilt. Go with the best with a premium wool 9 Yard Formal Kilt or 5 Yard Formal Kilt. Or, our still excellent but more affordable, wool-blend Quality Kilts

The premium 9 Yard and 5 Yard Kilts are custom-made in Scotland. You have many options to choose from, from length to tartan. 

The Quality Wool Blend Kilts are good basic kilts for all occasions!

Many grooms and groomsmen choose the formal kilt for comfort and an authentic look on the big day! 

Dress for Comfort and Ease

Utility Kilts

Are you going to participate in some Highland games? A Utility Kilt or the Acrylikilt™ will hold up under pressure. These kilts are durable and support a day or night of activity without the worry of ruining a family heirloom!

The Utility Kilts are the cargo pant of the kilt world. These kilts are made of a hardy canvas and provide many utility pockets and d-rings. 

There is no need for a sporran when wearing a Utility Kilt! Wear one of these kilts for any occasion you wear cargo shorts, from dancing to hiking.

The AcryliKilt™ is a budget-friendly material of 100% acrylic tartan fabric. Again, this is durable and perfect for the pub or other such activities. You may cry over spilled beer, but it will not ruin your kilt!

Material World: Kilt Fabric Types

We discussed some of the material already, but what are the options? Celtic Croft offers kilts in canvas, poly-viscose, quality wool, acryliKilt™, premium wool (light. medium, and heavyweight), and homespun. 


MacKenzie Modern PV Economy Kilt 38W 21L

In the simplest terms, poly-viscose is a non-wool alternative. The material, made from rayon (viscose) plus polyester, gives us “poly-viscose.” 

The viscose (manufactured, plant-based fabric) resembles wool. The polyester helps make it wrinkle-free. 

The benefits of poly-viscose are plenty. If you have a wool allergy, are budget-conscious, or want a silky smooth feel, this is the kilt fabric for you. We carry many poly-viscose items such as blankets and wraps

For more information on poly-viscose kilt fabric, read up at Everything You Need to Know About Poly-Viscose Fabric.


Celtic Croft, Celtic Croft, Have You Any Wool?

Lee Draughon Medium Weight Casual Kilt

Yes, sir, yes sir, three weights full! We offer our premium wool, milled in Scotland in three different weights. It makes sense that tartan fabric goes in heaviness, from lightweight to medium weight, to heavyweight.

The heavier the weight of the wool, the better the pleats and kilt will hang. The heavier weight also means the hotter it will be to wear. Climate is another consideration when choosing the right kilt fabric. 

We recommend starting with a middleweight if you are not used to the heavier weight.


Homespun Wool Blend Irish Phillabeg

Much like it sounds, homespun wool is handspun on old-world looms. It is a 10 to 11-ounce tartan made from a 55/45 blend of polyester & wool. 

Homespun gives the kilts an authentic look but in a modern style. It is what we use for our rental kilts and our Good Basic Kilts. 

The Right Tartan

rolls of Tartan for kilt fabric

While our staff does not claim to be expert historians, we can assist you in choosing the right tartan. 

Step 1

Most people start with a family name that has Celtic heritage. Spellings often change over the years, so do not let that discourage you. If you can find your family, tartan, great! Proceed to Step 2.

If you cannot find your family tartan, try to find one from the same region. Some people also pick a tartan in the colors they like. 

This is acceptable but do some research. A person who has not served in the armed forces should not wear military tartans.

Step 2

Pick the variation of tartan. If you are a fan of Outlander, you know there are hunting tartans, formal tartans, and everything in between. Patterns also evolved as the pigments and dyeing methods evolved.

To read more on tartans, check out TARTAN? PLAID? WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE?

Accessories are Necessary!

Accessorize your new kilt! Belts (often necessary for securing your kilt) and a sporran (to store items, such as a flask) are highly useful. Hangers, bags, and extenders may also come in handy. 

Boots, hats, brooches complete the Celtic look! 

And let us not forget the wee ones! We have kilts just for children. Nothing is cuter than a kid in a kilt!

Kilt Up!

Many kilts from the Celtic Croft

Are you convinced that a kilt is needed in your wardrobe? From everyday to formal, kilts are the garment to wear. And, right now, with the popularity of such shows as Outlander, they are making a comeback. 

Celtic Croft will help you choose the proper kilt! After you have considered all of your options, the one you pick will be a treasure to exemplify your Celtic pride! Visit our website today.

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