All About the Pride of LGBT Tartan

Pride of LGBT tartan

Tartan enthusiasts come from around the world. Our backgrounds are as varied as the different patterns of tartan. This year, we are proud to at last carry the official Pride of LGBT tartan. This beautiful tartan allows you to highlight part of you or your loved one’s identity while also showing off your love of tartan. We of course offer kilts featuring this tartan. You can also own it on a sporran, as kilt flashes, or as a necktie.

Pride of LGBT tartan design
Pride of LGBT tartan from the Scottish Register of Tartans

Brian Wilton

The Pride of LGBT tartan is officially recognized in the Scottish Registrar of Tartans . It was created and registered by Brian Wilton, “The Tartan Ambassador”. Wilton is a tartan expert as well as an author. He has been commissioned to create a huge variety of tartans, from personalized family designs to tartans for events (such as the Ethos Energy Conference). For each piece, he confers with the client and chooses colors that are significant to he organization he designs for. Using his tartan expertise, Wilton combines these colors in a pattern reflective of the client’s aesthetics. He is still actively making tartan and you can even commission him for a design if you wish.

Image of the Global official YMCA tartan, primarily red with navy and white accents
The tartan for the YMCA organization

The influence of Pride

For the Pride of LGBT Tartan, the inspiration is clear. The rainbow colors found on the LGBT flag are used around the world to symbolize the Pride movement. Wilton arranged the colors to have “maximum visual impact”. The somewhat muted colors harmoniously blend in the tartan. There are countless contributors to LGBTQIA+ history and the movement continues in 2022. The Stonewall Inn, located in NYC, is the site of historic riots in response to a police raid that started in 1969 and were the direct predecessor to the Pride movement we know today. For this reason, the New York City tartan pattern also serves as inspiration for the Pride of LGBT tartan.

The New York City tartan fromt the scottish registrar of tartans
The NYC tartan from the Scottish Registrar of Tartans

Did you know all the colors found in Pride flags have their own significance?

Gilbert Baker’s Pride flag includes stripes representing each of the following:

Pink: Sexuality (used less often in modern flags)

Red: Life

Orange: Healing

Yellow: Sunlight

Green: Nature

Light Blue: Magic (found less often in modern flags)

Indigo: Harmony & Serenity

Purple: Spirit

Additionally, a modern variation dubbed the Progress Pride flag includes stripes to represent Trans people, Black LGBT people, and other community members of color.


We here at Celtic Croft want to wish everyone a happy and safe Pride Month! We invite those interested in connecting with support organizations to check out the following:

Trans Lifeline (U.S.)

LGBTQ+ Freedom Fund (U.S.)

SnaPCo (U.S.)

LGBT Youth Scotland

OurStory Scotland

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