7 Things You Can Wear to Celebrate National Tartan Day

Break out your bagpipes, your best kilt, and all your best tartan accessories—it’s time to celebrate National Tartan Day! If your closet isn’t already bursting with these items, dinna fash: we have all you could need right here.

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In recognition of Scottish heritage, North America has commemorated April 6th as National Tartan Day. Why April 6th? Back in 1320, the Declaration of Arbroath was signed on this day to denounce England’s rule over Scotland. 

What’s all the hubbub about National Tartan Day?

All of these festivities are thanks to Canada. The idea of this holiday was first proposed on March 9th, 1986, at a gathering of the Federation of Scottish Clans in Nova Scotia. Following this proposal, many various Canadian provinces started recognizing the holiday. The United joined the party in 2005, and now we too celebrate National Tartan Day, acknowledging the contributions of Scottish people. 

Celebrating tartan and all things Scottish isn’t good enough for one day, though. Over the years, it has transformed into Scotland Week throughout North America. New York City does National Tartan Day like it does everything else—BIG.



1. A Scarf

Since early April is still a bit oorlich, a good tartan scarf is an excellent accessory for both men and women to display your Scottish ancestry proudly. Your neck will stay warm while representing Scotland with the plaid of your family name. 

The nifty thing about a scarf is that it can be fashioned several different ways about your neck—and can even be used to wave about as the Grand Marshal passes by! 

There are several different types of scarves that your tartan can be applied to as well, so the possibilities are nearly endless.

Shop these tartan scarves available at the Celtic Croft!


2. A Hat

The plethora of choices in headwear is huge—and the options in tartan are no less extensive. You may opt to match the pipe bands you see and hear going down 6th Avenue by wearing a traditional Glengarry.

Your look would be bonnie indeed if you kept traditions alive and thriving with a fine Balmoral. Or perhaps you wish to take your hat for a round of golf after the parade and wear a lovely Tam.

If you’re looking to wear something a little more contemporary, try a cool tartan ball cap or driving cap. These stylish caps wouldn’t look out of place any day of the week!



3. A Purse or Bag 

As you make your way out to all the festivities around National Tartan Day, you will likely need to carry a few things with you. Your tartan wallet, tartan glasses, or your tartan handkerchief. 

Having a valuable accessory like a tartan purse or bag is useful in so many ways. You may not want to overwhelm your ensemble with tartan (although, is there such a thing?), so a simple purse of tartan may be just the touch you are looking for.

You’ll love these options from the Celtic Croft:



Fringed Tartan Rosette Homespun

4. Tartan Rosettes

These homespun tartan rosettes are an ideal accessory to add to any outfit! Whether you’re pairing this embellishment to a kilted, Celtic outfit, or if you’re adding a splash of tartan to everyday attire, these rosettes will display your Celtic pride fashionably. Made in the USA, you can pin this rosette to a dress or bag and, even if you’re allergic to wool, you can display your Celtic heritage.

Homespun Kilted Skirt


5. A Skirt

The Scottish ladies may be coming from the office to join in the festivities and are wanting a look that can traverse professional and Scottish party time. A great tartan skirt is a perfect piece to transcend multiple gathering types.

Representing your Scottish clan with a fine-fitting tartan skirt is a beautiful way to celebrate your heritage or the heritage of a people you fiercely admire. And comfort is a bonus—tartan skirts are popular for school uniforms for a reason.


6. A Blanket

We promise a blanket at the beginning of April isn’t overkill. Hopefully, you will bring little ones with you to enjoy in all the festivities, and while in their prams, they may get chilled. 

A tartan blanket, soft and braw, would be a lovely thing for the wee ones to coorie up with, wrapped snug and comfy, while listening to bagpipes as they parade in front. 

Homespun Kilts

7. A Kilt

Saving the very best for last, the natural choice for any Scottish heritage celebration is, of course, a kilt. When you think “tartan,” you are guaranteed to envision a superb kilt, sporran hanging off, kilt pin in place, and woolen hose—with the “appropriate” undergarments underneath (birthday suits are universal, after all). 

The regal kilt is not something that you may see commonly over North America, except on 6th Avenue during the parade held every April 6th. Whether you’re marching in the parade, playing the sweet sounds of the bagpipes, or are attending one of the other week-long events for Scotland week, a kilt is a perfect thing to wear. 

We know you’ll love these kilts:

Celebrate National Tartan Day With The Celtic Croft

While these seven items are natural choices to display your clan’s tartan, there are, of course, many other choices of clothes or accessories to show it. You’ll be crouss to find the perfect kilt, scarf, or other perfect tartan items at the Celtic Croft.

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