6 Beautiful Cities in Wales You Have to Visit


Wales is a gem in every sense of the word. Six amazing cities in Wales have something to offer anyone who visits, whether that be a history buff or someone who likes whale spotting!

At the Celtic Croft, we believe in diving into our heritage and celebrating it. We are delighted to share the country’s six cities. Each one is a treasure in its own right, and we can’t wait to share the cities we believe hold the heart of Wales.  

So brush up on your Welsh, and get ready to be transported to the six cities of Wales! We love discovering ways to express our heritage. Visit us today for the best in all things Welsh, as we are proud to be at the root of the Celtic heritage.  

Cities in Wales 

There are indeed only six cities in Wales, but they all pack a significant punch. 

1. Cardiff

Cardiff Castle in Cardiff, Wales

You might be aware that Cardiff is the capital of Wales. It is a hub for both academics and the social scene. The Welsh name for this city is Caerdydd. 

At the heart of the city, you will find Cardiff Castle. This historical gem holds 2,000 years of documentation of the town and those who have lived there. The castle, built in the 11th century, is a true destination for any history buff. 

If you’re looking to get a taste of local nightlife, then a spot on your itinerary should go to Cardiff Bay. It’s home to the most bars and restaurants in the area. It’s also the largest waterfront development in Europe. 

If the nightlife isn’t your thing, perhaps the promise of Welsh education will be of interest. Both Cardiff University and Cardiff Metro University are available to those seeking an education. 

The combination of a bustling social scene, two great universities, and Cardiff Castle make Cardiff a magnet for tourists. It is also famous for its multicultural population and experiences. 

2. Bangor

Bangor Cathedral in Bangor, one of the beautiful cities in Wales.

Although not an established city until 1974, Bangor is one of the oldest settlements in Wales. That alone makes it a big draw for those wanting to get their 

hands-on some history. 

Bangor is also a cathedral city, meaning that it has a cathedral built for the town. The Bangor Cathedral was built in the Sixth Century and is dedicated to the memory of St. Deiniol. St. Deiniol was the first Bishop of Bangor and died in the year 584.

If an escape is what you’re looking for, stop by Snowdonia National Park is the place to be. It’s a 30-minute drive from Bangor and is well worth it for the views alone. 

Many locals agree it is one of the most scenic places in the World, you can expect to see beautiful cliffs and hillsides. They are untouched by time and can make someone feel like they’re in an episode of Outlander

In comparison to other European cities, Bangor is a reasonably new one. Queen Elizabeth II gave Bangor city status in 1974.

3. Newport

Newport, Wales cityscape at nighttime.

If you speak Welsh, you would know this city as Casnewydd. 

Something that makes this city incredibly unique is Newport Transporter Bridge. There are only six in the World, and one of them is in Newport. A transport bridge carries a segment of roadway across a body of water. 

Another attraction is Friars Walk. It’s a collection of high-end shopping and restaurants perfect for gathering with loved ones for a good time. 

4. Swansea

An aerial view of Swansea, one of the six cities in Wales.

Swansea isn’t just a fun word to say; it’s a city that truly embraces its heritage and its citizens. You will find the city on the southern coast and it is the second-largest city in Wales. 

A celebrated son of Swansea is the poet Dylan Thomas. He is famous for the poem, “Do not go gentle into that good night.” You will find his work at the Dylan Thomas Centre. 

Swansea Bay is vital to the city of Swansea and is constantly buzzing with activity. The large bay is home to five beaches: 

  • Aberavon Beach 
  • Baglan Bay 
  • Jersey Marine Beach 
  • Swansea Beach 
  • Mumbles Beach 

The bay is also unique because it contains a Tidal Lagoon, which is a way to generate electricity from the tide. 

5. St. David’s

St. David's Cathedral in Wales

Another cathedral city, St. David’s, gained its city status in 1995. The cathedral is named for St. David, who was a prolific teacher and founder of monasteries in Europe. The St. David Cathedral is named for him and is a big tourist attraction. 

Although it became a city in the last 25 years, records for the village date back to the fifth century! St. David’s is the smallest of all on our list but its attractions offer incredible memories that will last a lifetime. 

The biggest draw is the Offshore Islands which offer wildlife spotting boat trips. On these trips, peop

le can expect to see whales, puffins, dolphins, and porpoises. Who would think to go to Wales to see a whale? 

6. St. Asaph

St. Asaph is the second smallest city in both Britain and Wales. You will find it is a beautiful city, with a rolling countryside not far from many towns located on the coast. 

The St. Asaph Cathedral is a vital part of the city and is home to the William Morgan Bible. This version of the Bible is the first one translated to Welsh. It was instrumental in keeping the Welsh language alive. 

Annually, the North Wales International Music Festival is a draw to St. Asaph. Musicians and tourists from everywhere come to enjoy the brilliant concerts frequently performed. 

From the Cities of Wales, With Love

Pierhead and Millenium Centre buildings Cardiff Bay

As we’ve pointed out, many cities in Wales may be small, but they are mighty. There are few places where you can go whale spotting, then visit a city from the fifth century? It is a wonder for all who have the fortune to travel to behold its magic.

But travel isn’t the only way to express and explore your heritage. Our store is the place to go for official Outlander gear, traditional Tartans, and so much more. To make sure you have the right Tartan, use our Tartan Finder. 

The Celtic Croft is a family business that has a passion for Welsh and Celtic culture. Visit us today to celebrate our heritage and to have some fun!

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