Help! How Do I Wear A Kilt?


While many people are familiar with a kilt, few people outside of the British Isles know how to wear one properly. There are different kinds of kilts depending on the occasion. 

At The Celtic Croft, we specialize in all things Celtic, from kilts to accessories and more. If you have never worn a kilt before, you might want to check out our pocket size guidebook So You’re Going to Wear the Kilt. This little treasure is full of details fun and will even fit in your sporran.

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How Are Kilts Worn?


To wear a kilt, first you have to take the apron under from right to left and pass the strap, so it goes through the hole. Next, fasten it to the buckle that you will find on the left side of the kilt. 

After you fasten it, take the apron at the top from left to right and attach to the buckle as well as the strap. Make sure that both the aprons are top-aligned, and the kilt is centered correctly. The aprons of the kilt are always at the front and pleats at the back.

Traditionally, the kilt is worn at the navel, and should be worn at that level for formal occasions. However, some people prefer wearing the kilt closer to the pants waist for more casual wear. It should come down to the middle of the person’s knee. 

Kilts Are For Any Occasion

Is this event during the day, evening, or both? Are you at a formal gathering such as a wedding or commemorative event or are you competing in a caber toss and enjoying brews?

If the occasion is semi-formal, like a wedding, you can accessorize it with an Argyle vest and jacket. Consider this formal, the way a nice suit coat finishes off a man’s appearance.

If this is a black tie event, consider the Brian Boru Jacket and Vest.  Formal, and stunning, these pair perfectly with kilt or trousers. 

And if the occasion isn’t as formal, you can choose a Jacobite shirt. It will allow for a more casual and stylish look. Ours is made of soft, durable 100% cotton and looks great for any fun outing. These white shirts make a perfect, comfortable match for festivals, family gatherings, and casual wear. 

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Choose Your Material

You will find a lot of fabric choices, but let’s consider the primary options. 

  • Premium wool Kilts.  We carry heavy, medium, and light weight wool for your comfort in any weather.  
  • Utility Kilts are 100% cotton denim and great for casual wear, or when joining in the Highland games.
  • Poly-viscose kilts, like this Great Kilt, can be machine washed, and they have a kind of wool feel to them and tend to come in several different tartans.
  • Homespun Kilts are a poly/wool blend and great for regular use. If you are a first time kilt wearer and are looking for a more budget friendly alternative to premium wool, this is a fantastic option.

So, there are a number of different options when it comes to fabric choice, and it always boils down to personal preference. 

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After choosing your fabric, the next option you will want to consider is whether you want pockets or a sporran. This tends to be when most people define how modern or traditional a kilt is. 

If you need a more traditional look, the sporran might be just what you want. There are many kinds; leather, fur, or full animal mask, but the latter two are usually worn with traditional kilt outfits.  

When it comes to everyday wear, you will more than likely going to want a “day sporran,” which is a standard leather sporran. The other option for modern kilt wearers is the addition of the contemporary pocket. Such options include side cargo pockets, front slash pockets, and also those rear wallet pockets. 

The choice of the pockets comes down to what you’re comfortable with and what works best for your lifestyle. If you are planning on wearing your kilt in an office setting, slash pockets would be the right choice. 

If you decide to wear your kilt to a casual event, some people prefer cargo pockets. The most important thing you’ll want to consider when buying a modern kilt is how it’s constructed. You must get your kilt provider to check the pleats are sewn down, both inside and out. 

Kilts for the Whole Family

Kilts aren’t just for adults, either. Children also love wearing kilts. Many children start wearing them at a young age for special occasions. 

Check out our complete line of kilts for children. We have an excellent line of basic kilts for kids that include over 70 tartans, and we custom make them to fit.  

Don’t forget about the girls. Yes, girls wear kilts as well, and we carry a Poly Viscose Kilt designed for boys and girls. Washable means easy and stretchy waistbands means there’s room to grow so your child will enjoy their kilt for a long time.  No worries that you spend a fortune only to outgrow it in one year.  

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Check out The Celtic Croft

Now that you know how to wear a kilt, check out all the incredible kilts at The Celtic Croft. You will find a variety of merchandise, as well as useful and interesting information. If you are interested in purchasing a kilt of your own, we have kilts from clans and regions throughout Scotland and Ireland.

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