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Unfortunately, when it comes to family gatherings, the Irish can get a bad rap. Everyone’s heard of an Irish wake. Irish weddings carry fewer cultural associations, however. 

We know the Irish can throw down at a funeral, but what about wedding receptions? The answer is a resounding, “Yes!” There are plenty of memorable Irish wedding traditions, and we’ll take you through a few of them.

Are you going to an Irish wedding soon? Looking for the perfect Irish wedding gift? If you’re wondering what to get the lad and lass who have everything, these customs may inspire some ideas!

Irish bride and groom

Irish Tradition: Tartan

When considering a uniquely Irish wedding gift, consider something in tartan. Tartan is usually something people associate with Scotland, but Irish districts have their tartans.

There are many ways to incorporate Irish tartans into existing American wedding traditions. A tartan garter can be a fun shower gift from a close family member. The couple can showcase this gift during the reception if they opt to do a garter toss.

Consider incorporating an ancient Celtic ritual into your ceremony or reception: the handfasting ceremony. Handfasting is the origin of the phrase “tying the knot” and offers a visible symbol of the new couple’s union. A handfasting tartan in Irish green will add a special touch to your big day!

Another option for an Irish wedding gift is a kilt for the groom or other members of the wedding party. Just like tartans, many people don’t think “Ireland” when they think of kilts, but we promise, they’re definitely a thing.

We get that purchasing a kilt for a (hopefully) one-time occasion can be a bit commitment. That’s why The Celtic Croft offers kilt rentals. We provide a range of rental options, even for kids!

Irish Wedding Tradition: Dancing

Alright, we understand that dancing isn’t a wedding tradition unique to the Irish. But the Irish do have their own unique kinds of dancing. Consider purchasing Irish dance lessons for the engaged couple so they can really shine on the dancefloor!

Forevermore Goblet

Irish Wedding Tradition: A Toast to the Happy Couple

Perhaps you’ve heard that the Irish are fond of a nice drink every once in a while. There are plenty of Irish wedding gifts that will have the newlyweds raising a glass and saying, “Sláinte!”

Consider gifting an engaged couple a set of cups for the toast at the reception. A pair of Forevermore Goblets for the couple to drink from at the head table will make a memorable keepsake. Think of the many years of anniversary toasts the couple will drink from them in the future!

Are you looking for something more? A matching Forevermore Platter can go on display with the goblets in the newlyweds’ home!

If you are looking for slightly more evergreen Irish wedding gifts, the Celtic Croft offers a range of Irish glassware. The couple can entertain their guests in style and think of the Auld Sod every time they raise a glass. 

If the couple is more traditional or religious, they may appreciate a Celtic Wall Cross for their new home. The Celtic cross is a symbol from Ireland’s early history as a Christian nation, with some of its symbolism dating back even earlier. Some believe the circle symbolizes endless love.

Celtic Wall Cross

On the Casual Side

Not every Irish wedding gift needs to be a future heirloom. A more casual couple may appreciate something for their first St Patrick’s Day as newlyweds. A ball cap or tee celebrating their Irish heritage will look great in those Cliffs of Moher honeymoon selfies.

First Holiday Together

Unless, of course, you do want to gift them a future heirloom. If that’s the case, we recommend a holiday ornament for the couple’s first holiday tree. Celtic-themed decorations can be unique statement pieces around the holidays.



A beautiful traditional Irish wedding gift is the Claddagh ring. The Claddagh symbol is a pair of hands holding a heart with a crown on top of it. The hands represent friendship, the heart represents love, and the crown represents loyalty. 

When the wearer of a Claddagh ring points the heart outward, it means they are single and available. A Claddagh ring with the heart facing toward the wearer means that the owner is taken!

There is no reason to limit yourself to Claddagh jewelry when choosing a gift. Kitchenware or home decor featuring the Claddagh symbol is a sweet addition to a new home.

The Celtic Croft boasts a variety of Claddagh ring options. We also offer Celtic knot wedding bands for men and women. Celtic knots are prevalent in Irish art and are believed to be a symbol of eternity.


Leather and Irish Lace

Another Irish wedding gift idea is a Celtic knot leather journal for a guest book. The Celtic knot is the perfect motif to weave into a wedding because it symbolizes unity. The couple can put out the journal for reception guests’ signatures, and bring out for subsequent family milestones and celebrations.

As the years go on, the journal will become a treasured memento of past gatherings and occasions for the couple. In a few decades, they may enjoy looking at their handsome guestbook, reminiscing over the signatures of family and friends.

Consider Irish artisanship when selecting an Irish wedding gift. A tablecloth of Irish lace for the newlyweds’ dining room is a good idea. You may also want to give a bride an Irish lace handkerchief to use as her “something new.”


Irish Wedding Gifts Galore

We hope we have given you some ideas for any Irish weddings you may attend. Let The Celtic Croft point you in the right direction for the perfect wedding gift, whether it’s for friends or family. 

We know wedding gift shopping can be an intimidating process. We also know that the best gift is the one that is thoughtfully selected with care. The Celtic Croft can help you do just that. Contact us today, and we’ll assist you in picking something extra-special for the next wedding you attend.


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