Outlander Facts You Likely Didn’t Know

The names Claire Randall Fraser and Jamie Fraser are becoming well-known. Television’s favorite time-traveling couple, along with their child, family, and friends, have graced the screen for five seasons now.

Fans love the spunky nurse Claire and her strong ideals she stands behind. All of the ladies love Jamie with his rugged, good looks along with his willingness to change for love.

If you’re not sure what show I’m talking about, stop right here. Catch up on all things Outlander and come back. We think we’ll see you in a couple of weeks after you have binged all five seasons nonstop.

If you have already been swept away by Outlander and are super bummed in this current Droughtlander (get it?), we have some fun Outlander facts about the show to keep you held over until the next season comes out.


Outlander Facts

Outlander is a unique show in that it falls somewhere between a romantic drama and a sci-fi epic. There is time-traveling (sci-fi) but also a deeply involved and intriguing love story. 

But how did the show come about? What could have been different? Are the clothes, scenes, names, and language authentic? 

Read on to find out all of this and more!

The Audience is 50/50

You might be surprised to find out that half of the audience is male! It seems the creators found the magic balance between action, intrigue, love, and drama.

Caitriona Balfe as Claire

Caitriona Balfe, the Irish actress who plays Claire, chose to join the show because of how modern Claire was. Balfe loved Claire’s strong, independent streak and enjoyed finding the balance between a modern woman stuck in a different time.

However, things could have been very different. Caitriona was the last character cast with only a few weeks before filming began.

There were also talks of a feature-length movie for years before the show aired. Katherine Heigl was strongly hinted to be Claire. Imagine the difference!

Sam Heughan as Jamie

Sam Heughan spends several hours a day in makeup, the most of any of the characters. In shirtless scenes, his rugged and scarred look takes lots of time, and he has to be standing for most of it!

Luckily for Sam, first appearances aren’t all that matters. Diana Gabaldon, the author, was not a fan of Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser originally. She looked him up after he was cast and described him as “grotesque.” 

Thankfully, that opinion didn’t last, and indeed very few, if any, people feel that way about Jamie now.

Catriona and Sam had immediate chemistry. They are fond of each other and work well together. We think that shows clearly on the screen!


A man and woman in a period costume standing next to each other, portraying characters from the popular historical drama "Outlander".
Clair and Jamie from OUTLADER The Series


Fan-favorite Murtagh should not have lasted past the first season! The character of Murtagh in the books didn’t make it past The Battle of Culloden.

However, the creators wanted someone for Jamie and Claire to talk to about time-traveling; no one wants to hear constant voice-overs. Murtagh was a perfect fit, and everyone loved the character.

Authentic Costumes

Are the costumes authentic? Yes and no. It depends on which character.

Claire is intentionally not authentic. The costume designers wanted to show a modern woman adapting to a very different and more cumbersome clothing style in the 1700s. Claire makes things her own.

What gets a lot of attention is the tartan, in particular the Fraser tartan. The Fraser tartan should be a much brighter color with lots of red. However, the Fraser tartan in Outlander is earth-toned and rather drab.

There is something authentic about the costumes. The actors are apparently not wearing anything under those kilts…

Speaking of costumes, costume designers used some interesting tactics to make the clothes look worn and ragged. Everything imaginable was employed, including cheese graters and blowtorches.


Circle of stones

Opening Credits

If you’re like most fans, the opening song is one of the best parts of the show. Bear McCreary, the composer, decided to slightly alter each season’s version of “The Skye Boat Song” to reflect the overall theme of that particular season.

“The Skye Boat Song” is based on a poem about Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Battle of Culloden. To make the song more relevant to the show, Bear changed a few of the lyrics, namely changing “lad” to “lass” to refer to Claire.

The United Kingdom Prime Minister has an Opinion

When the show premiered, David Cameron, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, asked Sony to delay the release by a few months. The United Kingdom was voting on whether Scotland should be independent. Cameron didn’t think, apparently, a show about Highlanders fighting for independence would be helpful in the vote.


Diana Gabaldon, the author of the books, was initially inspired by Doctor Who. She was watching an older episode of the time-traveling show and felt that creative spark. In the episode, she saw the character Jamie McCrimmon, a Scotsman in a kilt. She loved his attitude and kilt.

The rest, they say, is history.

You Can be in Outlander (almost)

While you can’t be in the show, and you certainly can’t time-travel, you can visit many of the locations where the show is filmed.

Check out this site to find out all of the places you can go to. Don’t forget your kilt.

This is Midhope Castle, West Lothian, better known as Outlander's Lallybroch.

How to Best Enjoy Outlander

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