CD – Albannach – Bothy Nights


CD – Albannach – Bothy Nights


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CD — Albannach — Bothy Nights

‘Bothy Nights’ is Albannach’s 3rd LIVE album.

This album was recorded “Live In Studio” in Jacksonville Florida. You get the spontaneity and excitement of a live recording without some guy, drunk on his first beer, yelling FREE BIRD in the middle of your favorite song!  Bothy Nights collects fan favorites and some of Albannach’s finest songs all together in one great package! We think you will enjoy it!

Track List: 

  1. In Bed with Quinsy
  2. Mons Graupius March
  3. Heart in The Holy Lands
  4. Bairns
  5. Ancestors
  6. The Gathering
  7. Galgael
  8. Pictavia’s Pride
  9. The Gael
  10. Hooligan’s Holiday
  11. A Red, Red Rose
  12. Kishmul’s Galley 
  13. Drinkin’ Cataloochee Kool Aid
  14. Rampant’s Revenge
  15. Burlin’ 
  16. Tweedle Dee

Have a listen to some of Steve’s favorite tracks!


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The Celtic Croft has a wide selection of Scottish, Irish, and Celtic music CDs. We’re discontinuing many of them, so get one while it lasts! The way we listen to music has changed greatly within the past 20 years. Music streaming not only had a huge negative impact on professional musicians in the earlier years of music pirating, it continues to make it difficult for musicians to make a living. Even though free streaming apps pay artists, they often get only a fraction of a penny for each listen. By purchasing one of our CDs, you directly support your favorite Celtic, Scottish, and Irish musicians. 

Stock as of June 2019

From Highland Reign: Carry OnJacobite

Langers Ball: Drunk Sick Tired, Hard Times in the Country, The Devil or The Barrel, Whiskey Outlaws

Albannach: Albannach, Bareknuckle Pipes and Drums, Eye of the Storm, Runs in the Blood

Birch Creek Band: Down the Road

Black Rose (Roisin Dubh): Broke and Thirsty, White Rabbit

Brian Horton of The Birch Creek Band: Celtic Mist

Hounds of Finn: Gravity Pulls, Songs of Men in Boats

Saor Patrol: Two Headed Dog

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  1. James C. GORDON (verified owner)

    Bothy Nights, a live in studio album gives the listener an at home experience of what a live show is like. I purchased this CD after seeing the “Mighty ‘Nach” at the local Highland Games here in SE Florida. And believe me, this album is worth it as you will definitely experience Albannach in all their magnificence. Get it!

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