Pretty Purple Triquetra Necklace*


Pretty Purple Triquetra Necklace*

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  • Silver-plated pendant measuring ⅝ inches and inlaid with purple cubic zirconia gemstones
  • Includes a stainless steel chain measuring 18 inches
  • Pendant shaped in the triquetra symbol, which is featured heavily in Celtic artwork 
  • Pretty, dainty,  intricate, and the perfect accessory to complete any casual or formal outfit

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    • Scottish Tartan Drawstring Jewelry Bag.

      Tartan Jewelry Gift Bag

      • Customizable tartan jewelry gift bag
      • Measures approximately 4inches wide by 5.5 inches long 
      • Pull string closure to keep your treasures safe
      • Bring tartan culture to everyday used
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Pretty Purple Triquetra Necklace

The number three appears heavily in Celtic traditions, and there are many theories as to what the triquetra symbol represents, from the three elements (land, water, and air), to their three warrior goddesses. Today it symbolizes anything that is threefold from the family (father, mother, and child) to the passage of time (past, present, and future). 

Whatever you choose to acknowledge, do it in style with this pretty and intricate necklace. The pendant measures ⅝ inches and is silver plated with a triquetra symbol inlaid with purple cubic zirconia gemstones. It comes with an 18-inch stainless steel chain.



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2 reviews for Pretty Purple Triquetra Necklace*

  1. Dan Ruff (verified owner)

    Wow, a company that responds to it’s reviews is refreshing !! My initial review stated that we had received our order and it had a broken clasp. The folks at Kilts N Stuff immediately sent out a replacement chain and clasp ! Thanks for your response to our issue and it’s quick resolve !

  2. Dan Ruff (verified owner)

    Thank you for your prompt delivery on this order as it was a birthday present for my wife. The item was as follows:
    JNS46 Pretty Purple Triquetra Necklace
    The necklace was beautiful but when she tried to put it on we found the clasp was broken. I was very disappointed that I had no other gift for her, so instead of returning the item, we removed the clasp from an old necklace and used it on the new one. I am not looking for a refund, just to let you know of the issue so that it may be corrected for any future customers that buy this item do not have the same experience.

    • Lorie Croft (store manager)

      Thank you for letting us know. It’s a first to my knowledge. Do you want me to send a replacement chain?

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