OUTLANDER Handfasting – Poly Viscose Tartan

OUTLANDER Handfasting – Poly Viscose Tartan


  •  in the official Outlander tartan 
  •  fabric is woven in Scotland
  •  handfasting handmade in the USA 
  •  measures approximately 3″ x 58″
  •  material: polyester and viscose blend
  •  hypoallergenic and affordable
  • strong, durable fabric

Handmade just for you! Please allow 1-4 weeks for delivery. Please click for important information about special-order items.

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OUTLANDER Handfasting

This Outlander handfasting suits an Outlander themed wedding, because we make it out of the official Outlander tartan. That’s right, we use the same tartan from the show! To make this tartan fabric, Scottish millers weave together a yarn made out of a blend of polyester and viscose fiber. This blend of fibers contributes to a strong fabric with none of the drawbacks of wool. As a result, this handfasting weathers well through time as an enduring memento of your long-lasting love. 

  • in the official Outlander tartan 
  • fabric woven in Scotland
  • handfasting handmade in the USA 
  • measures approx. 3 inches x 58 inches
  • polyester and viscose blend material
  • hypoallergenic and affordable

Handmade just for you! Please allow 1-4 weeks for delivery. Please click for important information about special-order items.

About the OUTLANDER Tartan

Starz teamed up with a mill in Scotland in order to create these tartans in the most authentic way possible. The OUTLANDER tartan consists of only two colors: grey and brown. The neutral tones of brown and grey seemingly imitate the expanse of stone and brown vegetation of the Scottish Highlands in winter. The pattern is similar to Black Watch (aka Campbell) tartans. The tartan is also similar to OUTLANDER Fraser, but without the small stripes of red and gold. This tartan will compliment almost any outfit, because of its neutral tones. Since the colors are so pastoral and rustic, you’ll look excellent wearing this tartan at events held in forests, mountains, by a river, or other natural settings. It can really be worn by anyone, even if you’re not a fan of OUTLANDER.

About the Material

We carry both a pure wool fabric and a poly/viscose blend of fabric in the official Outlander tartan pattern. We make the handfasting in this listing out of the poly/viscose blend, which is 65% polyester and 35% viscose. The qualities of this fabric make the handfasting machine washable (although we recommend dry clean only), smooth, and hypoallergenic. Those sensitive to wool will love that it does not make them feel itchy and that it has no tooth to it. Wool tends to pill and felt when used often or washed improperly, so you’ll have an easier time caring for the poly/viscose blend of fabric. It also lasts longer than wool, so it makes this handfasting a long-lasting memento of your special day.

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