Prince Charlie Formal SILVER Package

Prince Charlie Formal SILVER Package

(36 customer reviews)


  • Customizable, full-formal Silver rental package with everything you need from shoulders to toes
  • A Prince Charlie jacket made in Scotland from 100% Barathea wool and a three-button vest
  • Keep the kilt hose after your rental for future wear
  • Perfect for the wedding party and available short-notice

Really Important Stuff You Need  To Know About Your Rental Order

  • Your Events Actual Date. We will ship your rental ahead of time, so you can try it on and make any corrections.

  • A name to represent your entire party. Maybe you have one person ordering for the whole party, or there may be separate orders for the same event. Generally a Last Name.

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The Scottish version of a tuxedo, the Prince Charlie jacket paired with a tuxedo shirt and bowtie, is a perfect Celtic outfit for a full-formal event. If you’re looking for outfits for your groomsmen, you’ve never worn a kilt before, or you need a short-notice outfit, this is the option for you!

This package includes:

  • Beautiful Prince Charlie jacket and vest
  • Formal wing tip shirt
  • Black bowtie
  • Black Watch Modern Kilt

  • Kilt belt and buckle
  • Kilt hose
  • Kilt pin
  • Flashes
  • Formal sporran
  • Sgian Dubh
  • Ghillie Brogues
  • Cufflinks

After your rental, keep your kilt hose to wear again! Don’t worry about the return shipping costs—a prepaid return label is included for your convenience. 


We recommend reserving your rentals 8-12 weeks before the date needed, especially for large groups. However, rush orders are actually something we specialize in and there’s a good chance we can get you taken care of even on short notice. This rental is perfect for short notice events and weddings!

When you are reserving your rental, please make sure you give us the actual date of the event. We need to know the exact dates to reserve the rentalIf you will be traveling, please provide additional information in the comments box during checkout. Please specify the date you will be leaving. Please let us know if you will be returning the rental from your destination, or when you return home.

We want to make sure that you get your rental in enough time to try everything on, and order new sizes if necessary. Please double check your sizes before ordering to avoid additional shipping costs. 

If you are ordering rentals for more than just yourself, you might want to download our Rental Size Information Spreadsheet to make it easier to collect size information from everyone in your party. This document is in Microsoft Excel format.

Shipping Info

We will send you a confirmation of your reservation via email. We package and ship the rental approximately 10 days before the event. Once you get your package please try everything on right away, even the shoes. If you find that something doesn’t fit and you contact us within 48 hours, we will get you a replacement on our cost. Anything after 48 we gladly get you a replacement but you will be required to cover shipping costs. We do not ask for any items back before the event, everything can be shipped all at once after your event. Please read the Terms and Conditions for more information on Shipping.

Our goal is to make your kilt rental experience is as stress-free and enjoyable as possible, and to ensure that your rental proceeds as smoothly as possible. We look forward to handling your order! Once you are ready to order, please start with…

Terms and Conditions

Really Important Stuff You Need To Know About Your Rental Order

If you’re thinking about renting, please download our Rental Terms and Conditions PDF document. This is REALLY IMPORTANT stuff that we need you to read and understand.

This is not the usual B.S. terms and conditions that you run across everyday (and agree to without reading)! Please print a copy for yourself, and a copy for everyone in your rental party that is going to be responsible for caring for and returning an outfit.

Please read everything, and be sure that you understand it. If you have any questions, please ask! This document includes everything you need to know to be sure your rental will arrive on time, and fit you properly!

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions. 

Additional information

Weight 14.01 lbs
Waist Size (Inches)

30W, 32W, 34W, 36W, 38W, 40W, 42W, 44W, 46W, 48W, 50W, 52W, 54W

Length (inches)

19L, 21L, 23L, 25L

Jacket Size

30 Long, 30 Regular, 30 Short, 32 Long, 32 Regular, 32 Short, 34 Long, 34 Regular, 34 Short, 36 Long, 36 Regular, 36 Short, 38 Regular, 38 Long, 38 Short, 40 Regular, 40 Long, 40 Short, 42 Regular, 42 Long, 42 Short, 44 Regular, 44 Long, 44 Short, 46 Regular, 46 Long, 46 Short, 48 Regular, 48 Long, 48 Short, 50 Regular, 50 Long, 50 Short, 52 Long, 52 Regular, 52 Short, 54 Long, 54 Regular, 54 Short, 56 Long, 56 Regular, 56 Short, 58 Long, 58 Regular, 58 Short, 60 Long, 60 Regular, 60 Short, 62 Long, 62 Regular, 62 Short, 64 Long, 64 Regular, 64 Short, 66 Long, 66 Regular, 66 Short, 68 Long, 68 Regular, 68 Short

Vest Size

30 Long, 30 Regular, 30 Short, 32 Long, 32 Regular, 32 Short, 34 Long, 34 Regular, 34 Short, 36 Long, 36 Regular, 36 Short, 38 Long, 38 Regular, 38 Short, 40 Long, 40 Regular, 40 Short, 42 Long, 42 Regular, 42 Short, 44 Long, 44 Regular, 44 Short, 46 Long, 46 Regular, 46 Short, 48 Long, 48 Regular, 48 Short, 50 Long, 50 Regular, 50 Short, 52 Long, 52 Regular, 52 Short, 54 Long, 54 Regular, 54 Short, 56 Long, 56 Regular, 56 Short, 58 Long, 58 Regular, 58 Short, 60 Long, 60 Regular, 60 Short, 62 Long, 62 Regular, 62 Short, 64 Long, 64 Regular, 64 Short, 66 Long, 66 Regular, 66 Short, 68 Long, 68 Regular, 68 Short

Formal Shirt Size

Small (14 & 14.5), Medium (15 & 15.5), Large (16 & 16.5), XL (17 & 17.5), 2XL (18 & 18.5), 3XL (19 & 19.5), 4XL (20 & 20.5)

Sleeve Length

34/35, 36/37

Tie Color

Black, Green, Navy Blue, Red, Royal Blue

Rental Belt Size

Small (26 – 36), Medium (30 – 40), Large (32 – 44), XL (36 – 48), 2XL (40 – 52), 3XL (48 – 60)


Black Fur with White Tassels, Black on Black Fur, Grey Fur

Kilt Hose Color

Black, Off White (Ecru)

Kilt Hose Size

Small (5 – 8), Medium (9 – 11), Large (12 – 14)

Flashes Color

Black, Blue, Green, Red

Shoe Size (US)

5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 12.5, 13, 14, 15

36 reviews for Prince Charlie Formal SILVER Package

  1. Robert P Doyle (verified owner)

    This kilt ensemble was exactly what was needed for my 70th birthday celebration. It made a splash and really livened up the evening. I didn’t buy a drink all night!! I would caution to make sure your measurements are accurate. The vest was a might tight across the belly and the kilt was a bit short. Minor inconveniences for a great look.

  2. Mark Luther (verified owner)

    I own a Kilt and get the chance to wear it from time to time but wanted something special for my daughters wedding but wanted something other than the same old, same old. I like to be a little different. Well the Prince Charlie Formal SILVER Package definitely fit the bill. I received many compliments from the other guests at the reception and my daughter was very pleased. The one caution I would give would be the shirt size. They only go by the neck size and by that, my shirt was WAY too big. With less than a week before the wedding, Lorri, was able to send the right size. Just order what you would normally wear in a dress shirt. Also, from the time I ordered till my package arrived, I had lost some weight. Lorri quickly sent another kilt and arrived in time for the big day! This was an awesome place to get high quality and great service!

  3. Darren Smith (verified owner)

    What a pleasure dealing with these guys! Amazing service and incredible products! I would totally use them for all my Highland dress needs!
    Five stars all around!

  4. Michael Maiman

    My formal kilt outfit was a hit at the Robert Burns supper here in Tuolumne County CA. I had never heard of such a supper but knew that either a dark suit or kilts were the suggested garb. There were many in kilts…and my wife tells me I was the best dressed there! Not an easy task to rent at I’m 6’4″ tall. Had to pull those socks up as high as possible. A couple of youtube videos on donning the outfit were useful. A fellow at the dinner said I could get a kilts outfit in San Francisco for under $2000. Frankly, if I attend again I’d rather rent! – Mike in Sonora CA

  5. Allison

    The kilt is BEAUTIFUL and the men will certainly look handsome. However, beware TERRIBLE customer service! If you encounter Steven hang up and try to get someone else on the phone. The final FORGOTTEN pieces of my brother’s wedding attire arrived the day of the wedding with virtually no apology. I’m convinced the four kilts would not have arrived at all if we hadn’t contacted them a week before the wedding. Not to mention that they were mailed to the incorrect address and we were lied to by multiple people. Not worth the hassle in my opinion.

  6. John

    You are going to look awesome in your kilt! However, a word of warning on the sizing: you may want to order a kilt that has the same size waist as your regular pants. I measured very carefully according to the instructions on the website and the kilt I received was massively too large for my waist.

    Fortunately, the folks at Celtic Croft fixed the mistake with one day left before my wedding reception! There was a lack of communication about tracking numbers for the corrected shipment (which made me super nervous, I must admit), but in the end the Celtic Croft made good on their promise.

    I will definitely do business with the Celtic Croft again! They are very nice people and run an honest business.

  7. Darryl McPherson

    I rented three Full Formal packages for my daughter’s wedding; one for myself and one each for her brother’s. Numerous people came up to me at the wedding and commented on how sharp the three of us looked. And I have to admit, I think we looked awesome!
    The only issue we had was that if I had not called the Saturday before the wedding, we would not have had our rental packages because our order had been misfiled (would have been shipped on the day of the wedding.) We got very lucky in that everything fit and nothing was missing. This will not keep me from renting in the future but I will learn from this and call 10 days before the event to ensure the package is shipped on time.


    I received white socks instead of black and the belt buckle was broke. However, the Groom got the correct product shipped and its was expedited. So, everything worked out GREAT!!! Awesome Rental

  9. Richard

    Excellent service; items arrived on time and they were of great quality. Very happy with everything.

  10. Heidi

    We chose the full kilt rental for my daughter’s prom date. Everything was far beyond our expectations! Even living in another state, the rental process was easy. We called several times for questions and to make sure we were ordering correctly. Service was friendly, patient and helpful. We ordered the keep the kilt option and ordered swatches ahead of the order to narrow down the pattern choice. The kilt is top-notch quality. The rental outfit was so much nicer than expected. My daugher’s boyfriend almost upstaged her at prom! They both got so much positive attention and loved every minute of prom. Returning the rental was easy with the supplied shipping label. We are so happy to have found Celtic Croft ! Thank you !!!

  11. Ken M

    I just wanted to thank you and your staff for some of the best customer service I have experienced in a very long time. I do look forward to working with you again in the near future…

    Thanks again,

  12. Mike

    My kilt was a huge hit at the wedding I attended. I would highly recommend Celtic Croft to anyone looking to rent a kilt.

  13. Ian C

    I rented this kilt package for my friends’ wedding this past weekend. The quality of the apparel was very good, and they all shipped on time for the event. There were, however, two significant issues with the order. First, the shirts are ordered by neck-size alone, and based on the XL I received, I have the neck of an 8 ft tall, 900 lb man. Unfortunately, none of my other dimensions match this neck-titan, and my shirt was comically large. Second, I ordered size 9 shoes, but what I received was a size 9 left shoe and a size 8 right shoe. Both had “US 9” hand-written on the bottom, but the original inner labelling clearly showed an “8” on the right shoe. The result was a less than optimal experience, to say the least. Overall, I was happy with the rest of the outfit, and I do not regret paying the extra to keep the kilt itself. I should also mention that out of three groomsmen and a groom, I was the only one to have such issues, but in the end I feel even 3 stars is charitable for my personal experience.

  14. Wm. Chris Rowland

    I can not thank you enough for making my grandmother’s memorial so special. I wore the formal package in honor of my grandmother and received so many compliments and thanks to honor her memory with this outfit. Everyone wanted to know where I got it and I passed along your company with pride. Thank You!

  15. Adrianne

    Thank you so much for your help with our wedding. I’m hoping to send you a few photos of how incredibly handsome my wedding party looked thanks to your company. But they are in short supply for some reason.
    At any rate I have not heard an end to the compliments on how amazing they all looked. I keep hearing how much everyone loved the look, even my very skeptical father. And my coworkers who picked on me before about the whole kilt thing raved about how great it was, in particular how handsome Josh & Jake, the ring bearers were.

  16. Adrianne

    Thank you so much for your help with our wedding. I’m hoping to send you a few photos of how incredibly handsome my wedding party looked thanks to your company. But they are in short supply for some reason.
    At any rate I have not heard an end to the compliments on how amazing they all looked. I keep hearing how much everyone loved the look, even my very skeptical father. And my coworkers who picked on me before about the whole kilt thing raved about how great it was, in particular how handsome Josh & Jake, the ring bearers were.

  17. Bryan B

    If there were a rating above excellent, that’s what this would get! I rented the keep-the-kilt package for my wedding, and I will say I was blown away by the quality of the kilt package itself, and the customer service! The staff was prompt to respond to any questions I had, but even more than that, they were very proactive for me, calling and asking questions about adjustments that they thought necessary based on the measurements that I gave them…top notch!!
    Everything arrived in perfect condition, fit me to a T, and arrived in plenty of time for me to make sure that everything fit 🙂

  18. Brittany Bisbee-Green

    I ordered the full formal rental for my husband to wear at our wedding. The suit looked amazing on him, and he felt amazing in it!! It was everything we hoped it would be! The quality was superb and the customer service was above and beyond. Thank you so much for helping to make our day perfect!!!

  19. Michael

    The package was more than could be expected. The quality was excellent for a rental and my keep-a-kilt was phenomenal.

  20. Jill G

    Ordered these for my husband and both of our brothers for our wedding. They all looked AMAZING! Thank you SO much for all of your help! Celtic Croft was so great to work with. We had two kilts that were late order, keep the kilt option that we were unsure if they would arrive in time. They made sure to keep me updated on their status and the kilts did in fact arrive on time! Highly recommend using them!

  21. Scott

    I rented this for a charity event, and it was an absolute hit! I was very impressed with the quality of the kilt itself (I selected the “keep your kilt” option, and very happy that I did!). I will be renting from The Celtic Croft again for next year’s event!

  22. John

    The kilt package was very stylish and handsome. The shirt was mis-sized and the jacket odor was slightly noticeable, but overall the experience was positive. Thank you for the service.

  23. Lyndsay G

    We thought renting kilts for our wedding was going to be difficult…but it was a breeze!!! Everything shipped in one package and on time! And when it was time to return it came with a recomended shipout date and lable! Best decesion ever! Easy and all for a great price!

  24. Eric

    It was a pleasure working with the staff. Even with our wedding being on a holiday weekend, they were able to make sure everything arrived on time, fit and it really helped make the wedding perfect!!! I’ll be a return customer.

  25. Bill

    GREAT!!! I had a WONDERFUL time in my first kilt.
    The minor glitch in shoes was fixed SO FAST and with such FRIENDLY service that you guys and gals should be teaching customer service courses to others.
    Many Many thanks.

  26. Chris

    Hey Celtic Croft Crew
    Thanks for the prompt service on my order from last week. I needed a new pair of hose for a wedding today and received them with days to spare. I also ordered (separately a pair of extenders…. sigh!) and asked you to throw them in the box with the first order. All went hitchlessly and I will definitely be the best dressed Scotsman at my niece’s wedding tonight. Thanks again for the great service.

  27. Robert S

    High quality product; everything fit perfectly, the arrival was on time, and it looked great.

  28. Sean S

    This is an incredible package. The wedding party and guest were blown away. We kept the full dress rental a secret. One note-Order your Hose larger than you need. Mine were a bit short. I highly recommend you buy the kilt and the fly plaid. It’s a great starter kilt and will work perfectly for St. Paddy’s day and the Irish festivals. Just purchase the economy sporran, belt and flashing and your set….Kaurina was wonderful to deal with….Thanks for making our special day that much more incredible……

  29. Stephen & Amber

    We would like to say thank you SO MUCH for all the wonderful customer service and product. We had an absolute blast with the Formal Kilt package and it made our wedding twice as epic! The staff was so very helpful, and the kilt package was so much MORE than what we expected!! Every thing was exceptional 😀 Thank you so much!

  30. Bob B

    I loved wearing the full dress package, but not as much as all the compliments that I received on how handsome I looked the day of our wedding.

  31. Brian

    Wore it during my wedding reception and loved it. Everyone was amazed. The quickness in delivery made it possible and helped contribute to one of the best nights of my life. Thank you

  32. Todd

    Love it!!!! Will be sending pics, really top notch!

  33. Shane

    I never looked so good in a formal setting! The helpful staff can assist with all troubleshooting before the rental arrives. Who knew wearing a kilt would be so easy and comfortable?

  34. David

    The Formal package made wearing my first kilt so much easier and more enjoyable. I really appreciated the ability to purchase the kilt part of the package.
    The sense of humor in the ordering instructions and “assembly” instructions was fun!

  35. jim

    High quality product – sales staff were very helpful

  36. Kelly and Blaze

    I just wanted to say THANK you so so much- the kilts were perfect and the formal outfits really made the day- Our groomsmen loved every minute of it. Thank you for making our wedding day so special!

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