CD – Highland Reign – Jacobite


CD – Highland Reign – Jacobite


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CD – Highland Reign – Jacobite

In 1745 “Bonnie” Prince Charlie, Son of the exiled James would try for the last time to regain the throne for the Stuart Dynasty. The brave and the valiant clansman of the highlands would be Prince Charlie’s army. This album was made not to honor the Stuarts or the powerful men playing political games but to honor the average farmer, townsfolk , and clansman who was caught in the middle. They lost a culture, a country, and lives because they were… ( Liner notes “Jacobite) 

Track List :

  1. Ye Jacobite by Name
  2. Bonnie Elidh 
  3. Sound the Pribroch
  4. We are the Jacobite
  5. Standard on the Brae
  6. The Skye Boat Song
  7. Johnny Cope
  8. Wha Wadna Fight For Charlie 
  9. The Maiden Set
  10. Blood in the Heather
  11. News From Moidart 
  12. Loch Lamond 


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