Unicorn Rampant Kilt Pin/Brooch

Unicorn Rampant Kilt Pin/Brooch

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  • About 3.3in long
  • Made from solid Pewter
  • Made in Scotland

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    • Scottish Tartan Drawstring Jewelry Bag.

      Tartan Jewelry Gift Bag

      • Customizable tartan jewelry gift bag
      • Measures approximately 4inches wide by 5.5 inches long 
      • Pull string closure to keep your treasures safe
      • Bring tartan culture to everyday used
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The unicorn has been a symbol of Scotland since the time of Robert III in the fourteenth century, possible even as far back as the days of King William the Lion in the 1100s. In mythology, unicorns were immensely powerful and very dangerous creatures, symbols of the brute forces of nature. As such, the Scottish unicorn has always been depicted chained and collared by a crown, a symbol to everyone outside that the wild Scottish landscape (and perhaps the people living there!) could only be tamed within the kingdom and by the Kings of Scots.

Across ancient civilizations ranging from the Persians, the Egyptians, Indians and Greeks, such a creature was described and recorded, often with magical connotations. Even the Bible makes a record of an animal called the re’em which has been later associated with the unicorn.

Whilst the animal did not appear in the vast volumes of Greek mythological tales, it was cited by philosophers and writers who believed in the reality of such a creature, with figures such as the famous Greek geographer Strabo claiming such creatures lived in the Caucasus region, whilst other philosophers were convinced of their existence in India. Whatever the location, the sighting of such an animal was a rare and mystical event. Often associated with the moon and believed to have great healing powers, the unicorn quickly acquired different meanings in different cultures.

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2 reviews for Unicorn Rampant Kilt Pin/Brooch

  1. Trina Needham (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the detail on this piece! I highly recommend it.

  2. Cornelius McLean Sterling (verified owner)

    Beautiful! I’ve been looking for anything decent with an unicorn/s. This is the only one I’ve found and it is way beyond decent. And it is large. Love it.

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