Super Duper Kilt Hanger

Super Duper Kilt Hanger

(98 customer reviews)


  • 20 inches long heavy-duty kilt hanger made from 100% renewable bamboo
  • Features four strong, rubber-coated, rust-free, snag-free, and adjustable metal clamps
  • Securely holds even the heaviest of kilts to prevent wrinkles and creases
  • Buy more and save with discounts on large orders

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We’ve all been there – open the closet to get our kilt, only to find it in a crumpled mess on the floor because our hanger couldn’t handle the weight. Don’t let it happen again with our Super-Duper Kilt Hanger, which has been specifically designed and extensively tested with the heaviest of kilts!

Made with four heavy-duty clamps to hold up your kilts, say goodbye to wrinkles as you never fold your kilts again! Whether you’re a kilt enthusiast (as many Celts are), or you are part of an organization or pipe band, keep your kilts crisp and together with this perfect hanger made for your needs.


Additional information

Weight 0.95 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 8 × 1 in

98 reviews for Super Duper Kilt Hanger

  1. Thomas A Gafford (verified owner)

    Perfect!. I have been wanting something like this for a long time.

  2. Phillip Forgey (verified owner)

    Simply the best! Well worth the cost.

  3. John Mangiapane (verified owner)

    So much BETTER! I have been using a kilt hanger that is really an oversized pants hanger – the two wooden slats that press together? Yes, it did the job but with the buckles on the kilt caught in it – all it could do was crush them into the fabric! With The ‘Super Duper Kilt Hanger, you can adjust the clips to where they hold best for your particular kilt! Fantastic!

  4. Johnny W. (verified owner)

    Been fighting for years with flimsy hangers that drop my kilt on the floor of the closet. These hangers are well made and the four clips make sure everything stays where it should.

  5. Mike (verified owner)

    This is the third kilt hanger I have purchased from your company. They all are well made at a reasonable price!

  6. Chip Prince, Palm Springs CA (verified owner)

    A few years ago, I bought two of your kilt hangers. After acquiring more kilts — and moving (with them all) to a different home — I realized I wanted, no, needed more of them! So I ordered four, and I’m even more pleased with how well they grip the (sometimes heavy) fabric! These kilts are NOT going to tumble to the the closet floor. I may even order still more hangers… 🙂

  7. Glenn F (verified owner)

    The kilt hanger is perfect. I had sort of fashioned my own, but this works much better. Thanks!

  8. Mike B (verified owner)

    Great product. Have tried other methods to hang my kilt(s). This works well and the price is much less than other shops.

    These work so well I bought two!

  9. Paul T. Janway (verified owner)

    The hanger is great. I won’t have to worry about putting it in my closet.

  10. mike love (verified owner)

    perfect it is really doing the job . i got it fast no problems thanks again

  11. Dustin Andress

    These hangers are awesome! Now my kilts are crisp and straight. No need to fix the pleats all the time. Thank you for finding these Celtic Croft!

  12. Mike (verified owner)

    These are the best kilt hangers, and they hold a full-size kilt straight and solid. Finally, a well-made, heavy-duty kilt hanger at a good price.

  13. Danny McMurphy

    This was my 2nd hanger order. Having the 4 clips makes a big difference in hanging up the kilt.

  14. Cherie Wagner

    These are great hangers. We now have all 6 of the kilts hanging up. I no longer have to worry about finding them on the floor where they fell of the hangers.

  15. Don Skinner

    Just what we wanted. Heavy duty and sturdy.

  16. James Brown

    This kilt hanger was just what I wanted at a great price.

  17. Jake

    Yep, does just what everyone else says it does, and does it very well. Is long enough and strong enough, even with an attached fly.



  19. Jeanne Cleary

    Great hanger for my son’s kilt!

  20. Steve

    Best kilt hangers… evah!

  21. Needham Bass (verified owner)

    Finally a kilt hanger that really works. Great price and ultra fast shipping.

  22. Robert Reilly (verified owner)

    I have a very heavy kilt and this hanger holds up to the task. I can barely fit the clasps over the material and it still holds steadfast. I would certainly recommend it for everyone!!

  23. Margaret P

    Love these kilt hangers! I have looked at several different styles and these are the best I have found.

  24. Kevin Huffman (verified owner)

    I love my new kilt hangers they work great and the claps have a strong hold. So the kilt will not fall off.

  25. Kristie Wommack

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The perfect hanger for my husband’s kilt! It is well made and sturdy! The logo was a nice touch as well. 😉

  26. Margaret P

    I purchased this hanger and a couple of other styles back in Dec 2013. This one is the clear winner. It holds my husband’s kilts perfectly and I use it for my heavy highland skirts.

  27. Phil P

    Hi folks; Just to let you know my order arrived today. As always the service was excellent and much appreciated. With this order I now have 7 of your kilt hangers.

  28. Sasha

    Solid hanger with strong clips. Very well made, it holds even my heaviest kilts!

  29. Don Whamond

    Best kilt hanger on the market. Hook stay in and clips hold even 16oz kilt.

  30. Randall P.

    Great hangers for the kilt, whether it’s a Utilikilt, Casual, or a Traditional. Solid construction, strong clips, and at a reasonable price!

  31. Kenneth

    The link didn’t work properly and I was not able to leave a review. The product is excellent, very high quality and an excellent value

  32. Kenneth

    The link didn’t work properly and I was not able to leave a review. The product is excellent, very high quality and an excellent value

  33. Big John

    Having already purchased the Kilt Hanger for my wool kilts, it seemed only fitting to purchase more in support of my Utilikilts. And, the price was perfect, to boot.

  34. Debbie W

    Prompt service! They are perfect for hanging my husbands kilts, no more bent up hangers here!

  35. Devin

    Perfect. It easily holds a very heavy kilt I got in Galloway District tartan for my family name Blaine.

  36. Juanita

    Perfect for keeping kilts hanging correctly!

  37. David

    Great hangers… A must have for kilt.

  38. Harvey

    Well designed and does an excellent job.

  39. Andrew

    Solid hangers, strong clips. I use them inside a kilt bag to keep the tartan wrinkle and dust free.

  40. Wayne Elliott

    Just what I had hoped for, kilts aren’t cheap and shouldn’t be treated cheaply.. this is a great way to take care of them!

  41. Sean F.

    Great Hangers, Very high quality! And at a Great price! I used other hangers and methods for storing my kilts (like rolling them etc.) but these hangers are the very best at keeping your kilt wrinkle free!

  42. Steve R

    As with everything I have purchased from you folks, I am extremely pleased with the quality and the customer service. Thanks!

  43. Mike M.

    I’ve been using these for some time and they are simply the best. Thanks for keeping the price affordable. Other sites ask much more for basically the same item.

  44. worth

    works great

  45. Linville R

    I have always had a problem with hanging and transporting my kilts. These are the first hangers of these kind that I have ever purchased and as it stands now, I think I’m going to be a much happier camper.

  46. Lana

    These hangers were just what I was wanting. They are strong and the four clips really hold a kilt well.

  47. Cass W

    Forget those “new method” kilt hangers, with the pressure-clamp gizmoes . . . this is the one you want!
    Simple, sturdy and those 4 clips really do the job!
    All 4 of my kilts are much happier now!

  48. RJ

    They work great. This is the second time I have purchased these hangers.

  49. Ed M.

    These are great! the clips are strong and hang the kilt perfectly!

  50. Shelley

    Great quality. I’m excited to give to my husband for his kilts!

  51. Don C

    The clamps on the hanger grip nicely and the fact that you can move them on the rod to where you feel the most weight should be is really nice.

  52. Eileen

    Don’t know where to write a review, but your hangers are “fabulous”. My husband is a rather large person and his kilts always sag on most hangars and even break some. But yours are great. They are sturdy, the four clips hold the kilt straight (nice for me – no pressing) and are long enough to span the entire kilt. Love them. Now he needs to get more kilts so we can buy more hangars. Thanks

  53. Richard S.

    Very nice hangers, well worth the money. The shipping was super fast.

  54. Bearden

    Keeps the wrinkles out by hanging … these hangars hang my kilts perfectly, even though they are on the larger size. Will definitely buy more of these as I acquire more kilts.

  55. Phil P.

    Just to let you know that my new kilt hanger arrived today. This is my third one and they are really great. Thanks for the excellent service.

  56. Gary

    Just what I was looking for. After they arrived & I put them to use, several times I stole a look at my kilts hanging from them, just for the pleasure it…so much better than laying flat on the bed in the guest room…

  57. RJ

    These really worked out well for me and I will continue to purchase them for any additional kilts

  58. Ken

    perfect size

  59. Harold M

    I’ll be adding more of these soon.Thanks.

  60. Harold M

    Very nice and sportive ,will be purchasing more as needed.

  61. Ian

    Awesome for the price.I’ll be buying more of these.

  62. Ray W

    First rate!

  63. Don W.

    This is the only hanger on the market you want for your kilt….have 5 kilts and all on these hangers. Will even take a 16oz !

  64. Larry

    As with all the items I order from this store, superior and does the job well. I am throughly pleased with my purchases.

  65. Phil P

    My 2 kilt hangers arrived earlier today. I could not ask for a better product or a better price. They are excellent. Also the service was superb.
    Ordered on Friday and received the following Monday. Can’t ask for it any better than that. Looking forward to dealing further with you in the future.

  66. Heather

    My daughter was so excited when she received it…no more frustration when hanging her kilt!!

  67. M. Edgar

    Well made and functional

  68. BJ

    Great quality. Holds our kilts in place without any sagging that we had with other hangers.

  69. Michael W.

    The hanger is long enough for my kilt and is quite sturdy. The four clips can slide along the hanger bar which allows me to secure the front and back of the kilt independently and avoid the sagging in the middle that ordinary hangers cause. Very nice!!

  70. Suzanne D

    Great. Very sportive. Awesome buy for the price.

  71. Horace

    Bought one a while ago and it kept my kilt looking great. Wanted more as I acquire more kilts. Thank you for the great product.

  72. Dan Dahling

    Very good hanger will be purchasing more as needed.

  73. Ellen K.

    FINALLY! They’re just the thing for keeping larger kilts hanging nicely. Love ’em.

  74. David G.

    A must for your kilt. I have one for each of my kilts, I prefer to hang them up rather then fold them in a drawer.

  75. terry lee h

    very good product and sturdy

  76. Matt

    Got one for me and one for me father, was somewhat time crunched and needed them to be in on a certain date…came early! Excellent quality, wouldn’t hang my kilt on anything else. Only regret was I should have ordered another!

  77. Debbie B

    I have been looking everywhere for these. Thanks for carrying them!

  78. J Kerr

    These are great – don’t know why someone didn’t get this idea a long time ago!

  79. Jimmy D

    I have 5 kilts and use your hangers for 4 of them. I think they are great. When I buy more kilts I WILL be purchasing more of your hangers. The price is excellent.

  80. Randy

    Keeps my kilts neat and unwrinkled. That’s why I got 3 of them.

  81. Michael C

    PERFECT!! Sure beats my old system of taping two hangers together.

  82. David G.

    If you’re going to have a kilt, get the proper hanger for them, it will pay in the long run. This one is well made and for a good price.

  83. Kiki

    Works well. First hanger that has been able to hold the heavy weight of a man’s kilt w/o the kilt ending up on the floor of the closet! Thank you.

  84. DC

    Can’t buy a better kilt hanger.

  85. Tom J

    Only $10 and worth every penny.

  86. Michael M.

    I can fully agree with those who already commented. I bought two to test them out and just bought two more. They work equally well with light weight and heavy weight kilts.

  87. Van M

    It holds the kilts so well and allows them to breathe. handles the width and weight quite well. Very good deal to keep them from being rolled or laid flat.

  88. Earl B

    It works very well. I would buy another for my next kilt.

  89. Ray W.

    Best use of bamboo I have seen lately. Travels well and fits inside my hanging travel bag.

  90. k

    ordered 3! perfect! Used pant or kilt hangers and they could not do the job for the kilts in the family. Great product at a great price! Please keep this in your inventory! 🙂

  91. Bill Mc

    Kilt hanger is quality. Works as advertised. Plus, it has a nice rubber type coating on the grippers to prevent any tearing of the Kilt. Celtic Croft was major easy to deal with. I will use them again!

  92. Darrell T.

    I ordered 4 kilt hangers and was well pleased at the size and quality. Being a full grown man, I was concerned that the hangers may not be long enough, however they fit perfectly, and I even hang my flashes from one of the clips to keep it all together. Well Pleased! as usual with Celtic Croft.

  93. Frank L.

    Best kilt hanger I’ve found.

  94. Jerry W.

    Just what I needed. Thanks for being so prompt.

  95. John W

    Superb product. I’ll be buying more of them.

  96. Charlene

    Just what we needed to hang my husband’s kilt- the 4 clips keep it from sagging in places and pulling out of shape. Perfect. Thanks for a great item at a great price.

  97. Horace F

    The two kilt hangers I ordered were shipped in record time. Both are of excellent quality and hold my medium weight kilt in an extraordinary manner. I will soon try one out on a heavy weight kilt. Thank you very much!

  98. Michael G

    Finally! This hanger is PERFECT for hanging my kilt. I had been using one of my wife’s skirt hangers couldn’t quite handle the size and weight of a kilt. Thank you, Celtic Croft for persisting in obtaining this product after the original manufacturer went out of business.

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