Premium Black with Brown Leather Knee-High Boots

Premium Black with Brown Leather Knee-High Boots

(49 customer reviews)


  • Knee-high boots made from black and brown premium, high-quality leather.
  • These boots feature a soft insole and durable hiking-boot style for long-lasting wear.
  • Lace-up, split-side design for easy on and off and is great for larger calves.
  • Constructed for style, durability, and all-day comfort; perfect for festivals and Renaissance Fairs.
  • 8 Button lace-up design opens the boot all the way for quick & easy removal
  • Soft insole and 1.25″ heel means you can stand comfortably for hours

If out of stock, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. 

Now offering DROP SHIP service for an additional $25. If the boots are out of stock and you need them before the 2-4 week estimated time we will drop ship the boots directly from the crafter to arrive in less than 1 week. Please contact customer service to add this service to your order.  


Never compromise on style, durability, or all-day comfort again with these premium knee-high leather boots with a soft, comfortable insole and durable hiking-boot style soles. They look great with any ancient or modern kilted outfit, or you can pair them with any non-kilted outfit without looking out of place. 

Available in whole sizes 5-13 and designed to fit Celts with wider calves, you’re sure to find the perfect fit! Like many of our customers, be prepared to receive lots of compliments when wearing this boot, combining a traditional Renaissance period look and modern functionality. We won’t be surprised if these become your go-to boots for everyday wear!

Boots adjust to fit nearly all calf sizes. 

These boots come in whole sizes only and fit true to size. Our boots tend to run on the roomy side as far as width goes. Generally people with wide feet still order their regular size.

If you normally wear Men’s Size 9 – order size 9.
If you normally wear Men’s size 9.5 – order size 10.

Women’s sizes: Women’s sizes tend to be 1 to 1.5 sizes smaller than men ‘s sizes by our best judgement.
If you normally wear a women’s size 8 – order size 7.
If you normally wear a women’s size 8.5 – order size 7.
If you have an event coming up soon, order two pair and we’ll be happy to take back the one that doesn’t fit.

Additional information

Weight 6.1 lbs
Shoe Size (US)

Men’s 5 (Women’s 7), Men’s 6 (Women’s 8), Men’s 7 (Women’s 9), Men’s 8 (Women’s 10), Men’s 9 (Women’s 11), Men’s 10, Men’s 11, Men’s 12, Men’s 13, Men’s 14, Men’s 15

49 reviews for Premium Black with Brown Leather Knee-High Boots

  1. Robert P. (verified owner)

    Great looking boots,can’t wait to wear them with my kilts

  2. Tim Dance (verified owner)

    These boots look great. Are comfortable to wear and stand up to everything I put them through for 12-hour days out at Renfest!

  3. geo.garrett (verified owner)

    Just got the package via Shipito, it was totally worth every $ and day of wating! Now I’m fully equipped to St.Patrick’s Parade and future festrivals. I have no other words except – that’s great!
    Was a bit worried about foot size while making order – usually there’s an “inflation” of sizes and goods arrive smaller than expected, but not this shop, it’s even a bit bigger than my usual size. Thanks a lot!

  4. Michael Welch (verified owner)

    These are way better than I thought! Wonderful boots ! They are going to look amazing when I wear them at my wedding! This company has a new life long customer

  5. Alisha M Crooks

    Great quality! I’ve been wanting to buy a good pair of boots for the renaissance festival and the boots that most others sell have thin soles. These boots are exactly what I was looking for.

  6. Rob Ritchie

    I love the boots. I had seen a Scottish Celtic Rock Band wearing similar ones, and thought they looked real rad with a kilt. I must admit, they hurt the bridge of my feet at first…when I complained, even though I had worn them a couple of times, they offered me a store credit if I returned them. So, I decided to keep them. After several wearing’s and oiling with mink & lanoline oils, they stretched to the shape of my feet, and now I am really glad I kept them! They look great with my kilts and I comfortably hike in them quite often.

  7. David Holmes (verified owner)

    Fit good, look good. What more need be said?

  8. Matt (verified owner)

    The boots came and fit nearly perfectly. Can’t wait to wear them at the Va Celtic Festival and Highland Games! Thanks!

  9. GEE-O


  10. Lindsey Love

    I love the quality and was pleasantly surprised at the workmanship. Really think these are a great buy. Heading to Renfair in them first, then every day wear, too. Love you guys! Delivery was super fast. Thanks, thanks, thanks!
    Lindsey Love

  11. Patrick L

    Great,these boots are perfect on my feets.
    Love the design in black and brown.
    Never seen somebody else wearing them in Belgium.
    Took me long time to get them at my front door.
    With custom taxes paid they cost me around 300$.
    But they are double worth it, love them.
    Trying to wear them as often as i can, they feel that great.

  12. Sabrina Welsh (verified owner)

    Beautiful, exactly what my fiancee was looking for and he LOVES THEM. Arrived right on time, worth the money paid for them.

  13. J. David

    I received my boots 3/10/17, looked better than they did on the website. The fit was great I added superfeet insoles, they’re in all my shoes. Now these are the best feeling boots I have. Learning to lace and tie with one string was tricky but finally got it. I had to contact customer service and could not be happier

  14. R

    I bought these boots for winter wear. I wear a kilt every day and these boots have kept my legs warm on my walks at break time. They broke me feet in the first day 😉
    I stand all day at work, mostly for 9 to 9 and a half hours and they are comfortable as my regular steel toed “sneakers”,

  15. Dan

    Was very comfortable when I wore them at the Renaissance faire. Did not have to get inserts like other boots. Take a bit of time to lace and get on.

  16. William T

    Fantastic boots! They are well made, fit well and get a lot of compliments. They look great with either a casual outfit or with your dress outfit- especially if you are attending a function when it has snowed!

    The button lace design takes some getting used to, but once you have the hang of if, you’re good to go!

  17. Cheri L

    After a few weeks of researching prices of these boots, I could find NONE for a lesser price anywhere (and believe me when I say scoured the net!) So, I made my purchase still rather hesitantly due to women’s reviews of this boot not fitting them well (as they are men’s boots). When
    they arrived (on time, even!) I opened the box and immediately fell in love with the boots…however, I remained skeptical of the fit. I put them on and was SO pleased!! THEY FIT PERFECTLY! (even with socks). I have a wide foot and typically wear a 7 1/2 in women’s shoes/ boots. I purchased the 5 in men’s. If you have muscular or bigger calves, the boots are a must because they lace up so are adjustable to your comfort. It is snowy in Montana right now and although these boots are not water proof they are warm with good traction. Thank you Celtic Croft for providing such a fantastic boot at such a reasonable price! I will definitely be making more purchases for family as well as for myself 😉

  18. david g

    These tend to run a bit large but after an exchange with the friendly folks at Celtic Croft I cannot be more pleased. The boots are well made and very comfortable from the moment I put them on. Thanks guys.

  19. Phillip M

    These boots are pure greatness. Have worn them around the house so far, but the fit is good(I run to a EE or sometimes EEE width depending on shoe/boot). They are comfortable and fit well. The styling is good and they don’t feel too heavy. Will definitely recommend to friends getting into Ren Faires and such.

  20. Ryan C

    The perfect blend of the period flair, and modern functionality (referring to the sole/tread). I have calve that are annoyingly at the point between thin and thick, meaning finding knee boots that fit is a serious PAIN. These button/tie boots are utterly perfect to solve that problem. And they’re comfortable.

    Couple all of that and when one realizes that similar-quality and style boots are $800+ at the local renfest just boggles the mind.

  21. Hammer M

    Been wearing those darn moccasins for 14 seasons of Norcal Faire and my feet always hurt. With these new boots, this is the first time I’v been able to do faire and my feet are happy. Added bonus the girls seem to really like them 🙂

  22. Gilbert G.

    Not too bad so far…I have “caveman” feet, so I ordered a larger size. I’ve worn them around the house to get use to the fit, and I have to admit that it isn’t too bad.
    If this first pair works out, I will probably order a second pair later on.

  23. Matt S.

    These boots are every bit as comfortable and well-built as the ones I was eyeing at the local RenFest that cost three times as much, which is surprising since they’re not custom-made, but off-the-shelf standard sizes. Awesome.

  24. John

    I’m very happy with my boots. I usually have problems with boots not being wide enough but these are great. I thought they look good and my wife agreed, but when I received them we both thought they were even better looking in person. So if you think they look good you’ll be very happy especially for two hundred bucks great deal.

  25. joseph b

    Great quality boot. I got several compliments the first time I wore them.

  26. Clif

    These boots are awesome! Very comfortable, and my wife thinks I look great in them.

  27. Wesley

    I received these boots for Christmas, 2011 and have worn them weekly since. I am thrilled to report that these wonderful boots! I am in love with them. No break in period needed and I wear them during SCA fencing practice every week without issue. Thanks for a great product!

  28. Danny Clegg

    I am very pleased with your service. The boots are very well made and will look great with my ancient highlander outfit. They also came very fast. I am gratefull that you called and asked about my address. Excellent!!!!!!! You will see me again in the future. Thanks again for a wonderful transaction and a great pair of boots. Danny

  29. Rebecca

    Rub a little on the anckle, but am very pleased with the look & over-all feel.

  30. Gloria M.

    The boots arrived in excellent time and look good. The leather is good quality and they fit my husband’s foot well. They need some breaking in so that they lay well on the leg with out a crease. Easy to put on. They may have some water leakage because the side comes down and may fold over but that may go away with being worn. The soles are excellent. My husband must have a birkenstock arch in his shoes and the arch fits extremely well in the boots. The boots are a good buy and we hope to have many years of service from them.

  31. Glen D.

    As a former shoe salesperson, I can appreciate quality product. These boots are far roomier than most I have encountered, and wear well with no break-in period. The individual lacing up the side allows for a more custom fit along the calf, and good support for the ankle. I love them, and I got them in less time than a comparable pair custom fitted would have taken.

  32. David G.

    Awesome, just Awesome. Well made and wide. I normally wear a 9D or 9E and they fit me great. There is room for heavy insulated socks or if your like me, insoles. It does take a bit of practice to learn to lace them up quick, but that’s what kids are for. They look great with kilts, shorts, pirate knee pants, etc. The complements never seem to stop.

  33. James N.

    I have to add an amendment to my earlier review…after wearing these all day at the Northern California Renaissance Faire with NO break-in period, I can say they were as comfortable as a pair of old-faithful boots I’ve had for years. I’ll be wearing these boots basically every time I’m kilted-up!

  34. Rylin H.

    I like the fit alright, at least so far – a little loose for a woman’s ankles – but I think the soles are not a hiking sole but a work sole, and they are VERY heavy! I am going to have to take them to a shoe repair person and get them replaced before I can wear them very much. Thank goodness the soles are replaceable!

  35. Jerry S.

    I thought these boots would be great for my reenactment garb but they turned out to be even better than I thought. I fight in these and they stand up to both my Medieval and my native American reenactment clubs! I would highly recommend these.

  36. Jamaes N.

    I waited a long time for these to come back in stock, and they were worth the wait! I did add orthotic insoles for added comfort, but that’s not enough to (pardon the pun) kick about. They will be making their public debut on me on October 15th at the Northern California Renaissance Faire in Hollister, CA. Thanks again, guys, for a great product!

  37. stacy moorr

    I ordered both the black and brown boots. I am very happy with both. They look great and are very comfortable.

  38. Stacy

    Very comfortable, excellent shipping time.

  39. Robert P

    Very pleased. Great boots; great, affordable price for this amazing quality.

  40. David

    What a wonderful surprise – I have high arches and wide feet – the boots fit just fine!!! Excellent quality leather and soles – a terrific bargain.

  41. David

    What a wonderful suprise – I have high arches and wide feet – the boots fit just fine!!! Excellent quality leather and soles – a terrific bargin.

  42. Robert K

    Very happy with the quality. The size 9 boots are the right length for my size 9 foot, no surprise there. However they are a bit roomy in the foot. No problem. I just added a footbed (like Dr Scholls) and the fit is now great.

  43. John W.

    For the price they are worth it. Sizing tends to run big and I would not try to climb a mountain in them, but they look great with my kilt.

  44. Rob R.

    Great looking and comfortable boots! All day at Faire or Fest? No problem!

  45. Ricki

    I received my Beautiful boots they were worth the wait !!! I really like them I look sexy in my new black boots ,, Thanks again so much !!

  46. Kaurina Smith-assitant manager here at The Celtic Croft

    When we got the boots in stock I had to have a pair I was very excited to be able to wear them to the next festival, but when I tried them on I was disappointed to find out that they are not very comfortable. I have small ankles and the back support pushes into them and rubs, other than that they were wonderful but not the right fit for me 🙁 I have heard from other women that they had the same problem so keep in mind if you have small ankles you might run into this problem but if you aren’t sure, order a pair and if they don’t work you can always return them.

  47. Kaurina Smith – Assistant manager her eat hte Celtic Croft

  48. Daniel Q

    These boots are the most affordable Ren Fest style boots I have ever found. They almost fit my abnormally muscular calves @ 20-22 inches at their largest. I can get them on with some considerable lacing and have the fit perfectly but for ease I found a shoe store who could sew in an extra piece of leather to make lacing a breeze. Great boots Great Price I would recommend these for any Ren Fest dweller.

  49. Lucas R.

    I am just writing this note to let you know how pleased I am with my new boots. Did not get a chance to break them in before wearing them to a recent Scottish Fair. I expected to get a lot of blisters and to exchange the boots for different and more comfortable shoes. I wore them all day and was on my feet walking all day and never have I had a more comfortable pair of boots. They were great!!! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for boots.
    Thank you,

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