Picking your wedding kilt is one of the most important decisions you will make, and should never be taken lightly. 

Are you planning a formal to do or a casual shindig? Looking for the total kilt experience or planning on simply paying homage? Brand new to the wedding thing and no idea where to start?

Whether you are a pro in the world of wedding kilts or brand new to tackling tartan, help is at hand. We have everything you need to pick the perfect pattern.

What Type Of Wedding?

The first consideration to make when choosing wedding kilts is to consider the type of occasion you plan to attend. Formal events have different requirements to more casual gatherings, and it is vital that you dress accordingly.

Formal Weddings

Prince Charlie Formal Rental Accessories Package

If you anticipate mingling with high society at a super formal wedding ceremony, you will need a first-class kilt. The Prince Charlie outfit is often considered the tuxedo of kilts and offers a refined, dignified, and top-quality appearance.

Experts can tell their Prince Charlies from a more casual outfit by the three buttons found on each side of the jacket. The back of the coat hangs low, and these options are usually available in black. Each jacket comes with a matching vest—again with three buttons, and typically works with a plain wing white collar shirt. 

Accessorising can help to pull the look together. Prince Charlie outfits often come with a bow tie to match the jacket, but there is a crucial omission to remember. A belt and matching buckle are not typically worn with a Prince Charlie in Scotland. The Celtic Croft has a more casual approach to strict Scottish codes of etiquette. 

The kilt belt and belt buckle are standard with all formal wear rental packages, including the Prince Charlie. Functionality is more important than rigid traditions when it means the difference between a kilt staying on or slipping off.

A fancy sporran is expected, and this will be the most visible accessory in your arsenal. Your choice here can make or break the entire outfit, so choose wisely.

Flash of Fancy

Wool Flashes to match wedding kilts

Other simple touches can really add to the authority and gravitas of your outfit. Flashes attach to the top of the hose and serve two purposes. Their primary function is holding up the hose, but they are also great for adding a flash of decoration. Make sure they match your kilt for a polished, put-together look.

Extra Accessories

Sgian dubh or traditional scottish hunting knife

Speaking of hose, there is another essential element to include. The sgian dubh is a small knife, tucked into the top of the hose, with the handle on display. Traditionally, the handle is shown on your dominant side. A formal Prince Charlie outfit allows you to get creative and ornate with your selection! A matching kilt pin can also be added to your attire, adding weight and luxurious decoration. The right pick also allows you to add a personalized touch.

Members of the wedding party should also be sure they are adorned with a suitable fly plaid. This feature is a piece of matching tartan that is almost always exact to the kilt. This tartan has a corner pulled through the epaulet and is draped over the shoulder and hangs down the back. 

Looking to add a grandiose flair to your appearance? In America, the fly plaid can be an additional touch of fancy to your wedding garb.

The Footwear

ghillie brogues

Shoes can finish an outfit—or destroy it altogether. Prince Charlie kilts are the epitome of luxury, and so should have shoes to match. Smart ghillie brogues are the most popular choice. 

Worn correctly, these should be paired with a hose set that matches or compliments the kilt’s color. Off-white hose is also acceptable, but stay away from white—this is the preserve of pipers outfits.

Semi-Formal Wedding

Argyle Full Formal Rental Package

If the wedding is a little less formal, an Argyle Jacket can be a suitable alternative. Many elements of it are similar to the Prince Charlie in construction. The finish and formality are, however, brought down a notch to make it more suitable for a more casual event.

Just Right Jackets

Argyle Full Formal Rental Package

The Argyle Jacket echoes the Prince Charlie look with a set of buttons, though there are fewer than the more formal option. The cut and fit of an Argyll is also lower and will feel more comfortable, more closely echoing a typical, American-style sport coat. Black is the most common color, but other colors are acceptable and available. Either way, make sure your vest (should you choose to smarten up a little) matches perfectly!

To Vest Or Not To Vest?

Argyle Vest

When choosing your vest, an Argyll should have five buttons to distinguish it. Speaking of vests, remember that you can choose to opt-out of the garment with an Argyll look. This is good news if you are hitting a wedding in a heatwave or if the gathering is more relaxed.

Some may even opt to wear no jacket and choose to wear just a vest instead.

A white collared shirt is a must, and make sure you add a tie that picks out a color from your kilt for a smart finish. Depending on the wedding, you can also jazz up the look with a snazzy bow tie!

If you are going with Prince Charlie for your wedding attire, you must wear a vest for authenticity.  

Belt and Buckle with Your Wedding Kilt

A belt and buckle worn with a wedding kilt and sporran

Unlike the Prince Charlie, a belt and buckle usually accompany an Argyll. Your selections here offer a chance to bring a flair of individuality to the look. This is a chance to be a little bolder with accessories, and allow your personality to shine through.

Flashes are a great way to add some decoration to your look. They tend to either match your kilt, or you can pick a complimenting color to add a subtle pop. A unique kilt pin can also be a great conversation starter. Once again, there is room to be a little more creative than the formal counterpart. Similarly, the style of your sgian dubh can be matched to the mood. Add a flash of glamour with a glitzy gem or take it down a notch for more somber events with a plain wooden finish.

Shoes And Sporrans

A black leather sporran

A sporran is essential for your outfit, and this can, once again, be adapted to suit your surroundings. Many wearers choose to match their sporran to their bow tie to help pull the look together. You can also choose complementary materials for a polished yet casual look.

Shoes can make the man, but you can get away with a good pair of smart business shoes if you don’t want to break the bank. Make sure they are well polished and flaw-free, and you have the perfect finish to your semi-formal wedding outfit.

Ready To Shop for Wedding Kilts?

Full Formal Prince Charlie Rental with wedding kilt

Picking your wedding kilt is exciting, but the range of options on offer can be overwhelming. Here at Celtic Croft, we have a fantastic selection of top-quality kilts and can help you construct your perfect outfit. Head over to the store today, and let us take the challenge out of choosing!

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